Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time Was Here!

It was a Christmas of a different sort this year. With two of our sons newly married the only chick left in our nest was the baby girl chicklet. We did some of the traditional celebration...early Church service Christmas Eve and dinner at Bonefish Grill. Home for luminary viewing in the neighborhood and finishing touches on Christmas goodies.

Waking later on Christmas morning is actually a nice change now that the kids are adults. Elise

made a delicious breakfast casserole and fresh fruit salad. We
opened gifts and enjoyed each others thoughtfulness.

Later in the day we headed to our oldest son's house in Durham, NC. Their home is decorated beautifully for the holiday season
and was a wonderful setting for Christmas dinner. Our grandsons were as excited as only children can be with the essence of the

day. We had a delicious dinner and Sush and Elise and Pop were given the treat of having the rest of the day free of kitchen duty.

The day after Christmas our out of town children arrived and the family celebration in total began! We had a relaxed lunch and a fun time watching everyone open their gifts.

It is always
fun to see who has drawn which sibling's name from the hat for the Christmas exchange.
Lily, Peter and Trey gave us the necessary sweetness only children can bring to a holiday and the older kids gave us laughs and good times. We also had our two dogs and two furry grandpups so it was really a full house!

We had more visiting and doing of family outings the remainder of the weekend. We also were able to enjoy the fruits of having sons home to give their aging parents and worn out sister help in advancing household projects! Truly, we were blessed.

Holidays must come to a close. Normalcy must return so we can appreciate how truly wondrous the season is. Happy New Year to all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Houses and Grandchildren...Oh My!!

The annual holiday house decorating event went off without a hitch. Preceding the Big Day... Christmas, we had Trey and Peter over for the holiday festivities. We made Rice Krispie Treat houses and decorated to our hearts delight. Peter was content to watch as countless M&M's, Dots, Gumdrops, beaded candies, hard candies were strategically placed with icing around and on the houses. And a few might have been eaten along the way?

Not being one to stop at a Christmas house, we moved on to Rice Krispie snowmen, candy canes and Christmas trees. Trey was happy to cover as much of the Rice Krispie confections as possible. His creations were a candyman's dream come true.

Aunt Elise was busy making a Christmas Wonderland house of her own, and I made a Rice Krispie house for Lily.

We spent the rest of the night watching Pixars CARS and A MUPPETS CHRISTMAS. Sometime during the middle of the night Peter woke up ready to play. Effects of the candy...perhaps? We put CARS back on and watched some more of that exciting flick.
Had a midnight visit with Pop when the thrill of the movie died. Next, we got on the computer and pulled up the Nickelodean sight and watched The Backyardigans. The midnight festivities were completed with a viewing of Peter's family montage of pictures on Sush's computer.

The next day we played with toys, watched more movies and waited for Daddy. Peter crashed after lunch as a result of his midnight prowling. Trey made instruments out of paper that were really quite remarkable.

An hour or two after Peter and Trey departed we had my sweet little baby granddaughter come visit. Our first babysitting at Sush's house for Lily. Now I have had the fun of babysitting my sweet pea in her
own home, but this was her first time at my house sans parents. OH WHAT FUN!!!
Aunt Elise and I played and cooed to our hearts content. Pop was in and out of the scene, enjoying Lily's sweet smiles.

During her visit Lily slept in the same crib her Daddy did.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I am missing all of our family that is not with us this year. I have two sons spending their first Christmas as husband and wife and know this is a special Christmas for them. I am looking forward to their journey to our house on Saturday and sharing in the festivities of the season with them.

This is a wonderful day...a blessed day and I pray that the peace and joy of this day blesses all of you.

Loves, Loves, Loves...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Maybe It Wasn't Much Snow

I heard all weekend long about snow. My daughter had snow fever...snow envies of her siblings that reside in Richmond, Va and Washington, D.C.. Having come from New Orleans, I love seeing snow...just not wild about how it hangs around and around and around. So where one of us in my household was not happy with our flakes...take a look...wouldn't you agree...WE GOT SNOW!

Did Someone Say 'Fetch'?

My babies are sooo cute!

I don't mean my grandchildren, because of course everyone knows that.
I am referring to my furry babies.

Holden, our black lab/pointer mix is almost thirteen years young. She is slow getting around...much like me, and her bones are aching...much like me. Holdie, as I often refer to her, still has some getty up and pep in her step. Sort of comes in spurts and often depends on the weather...again like me.

My baby baby, Beignet, is our nine month old
puppy. She is a Goldador, a mix of a golden lab and a golden retriever. Here is a picture when we brought her home...

She is a tad rambunctious, but as sweet as can be. Beignet is sooo eager to please...she just needs impulse control. Cesar, are you listening???

How do you like Holden and Beignet's Christmas collars...we call them
Christmas Holdie and Christmas
Beignet!!! Too cute, don't you agree???

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Gingerbread Houses and Grandsons

My first born grandchild is known as Trey. He stole my heart first, a real love. Trey introduced me to life as I now know and love it; being a Grandmother. We have more fun in a day together than many fit in a lifetime!

We have sleepovers and play days and as of last
year a new tradition for Christmas, making
edible Christmas houses. I am big on making memories and having the process be the fun not the product. Not that the gingerbread house created last year was less than spectacular...

This year we have a date set for the Tuesday evening before Christmas. Trey and his brother,Peter will come for a sleepover. Either that night or the next day, depending on everyones energy level we will make another Christmas house. This year we are trying our hands, mouths, etc at making Rice Krispie houses. It is a kit, but I have learned it is the wise grandmother that purchases extra icing and candies for decorating. You must have enough for the house and the decorators!

So, Trey Bear and Peter, I can hardly wait...how
about you? I just love this time of the year!

Maybe next year Lily will be old enough to come!

A Christmas Homage To The Big Easy

I have a Christmas Village. Some think it is rather large...but isn't that in the eye of the beholder? Really it isn't that large, but this year I have had to condense the small city due to a calamity in the house. (Later, gator for details on that.)

Anyhoo, I have finished the Christmas Village for this year. My homage to my home town...New
Orleans. On the 'East Bank', I have a French Quarter building with ironwork balconies and a Jambalaya Cafe on the first level; jazz band playing outside the building. Street lamps and iron benches grace the pathway. Oh, and a horse drawn buggy, and the moon over the Mississippi, of course.

On the Algiers side of the river, the 'West Bank,' a casino...a double homage. One to New

Orleans and also to my Mom, big casino lover. Elise placed a girl with a big suitcase next to the casino as a replica of herself going with her Gramma to spend lots of Gramma's money at the casino . On the same side of the river is the 'toy factory.' Not really New Orleans, it is just for my grandkids...!

Back on the New Orleans side of the river is a Garden District home and a Church that I found
most resembles the Church where Steve and I got married. The Most Holy Name of Jesus on Saint Charles Avenue. If you look closely you may see the bride and groom and car with cans attached! Referring back to my first post...it was a December wedding! And today is our Anniversary...thirty-eight!

My one real sorrow is I didn't have room in the location I am using this year for my riverboat. It would have been cool on the river...but then there is always next year. And maybe next year I will be able to make it a true replica with levees above and the city below the levees. Hmmm, will work on that for next year.

Joyeux Noel Ya'll !!!

PS For those not in the know...New Orleans has had snow, just every twenty years or so!

PSS When my boys come, they will move the people around to the most peculiar places. Once we had the choir director jumping from the Church roof. Couldn't take the out of tune choir....crazy boys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My New Favorite Flower

Have you ever seen perfection? I have. Her name is Lily. She is the sweetest, most beautiful baby girl you could ever meet. Perfect fingers, perfect toes. Sweet baby skin. There is something about the fragrance of a baby. It's intoxicating. I don't want to brag...but, Ooo la la, C'est Magnifique!

Her parents are wonderful! Of course I may be somewhat biased as I love them so. However, even with that admission, the fact remains. Lily follows the movements of both of them with this rapturous gaze. They both have a wonderful ability that calms and
settles her when she has reached her limit. Which really is almost never.

She has a smile that melts my heart. And when her little fingers curl around my finger, I swear I would do anything she would ask. Brilliant blue eyes and a gaze that is as mysterious as the Mona Lisa. I want to so desperately know what she is thinking!

I was blessed with wonderful grandmothers. I have such love in my heart for them, I want to forge that kind of bond with each of my grandchildren. The love in my heart for Lily is beyond measure. I have heard a grandparent's love described as 'unconditional', and that truly describes how I feel. I don't have to worry about anything but loving Lily. What a cherished role.

Lily, my cher bebe! I love you so....! May Sush come over and play???

Monday, December 14, 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

This will be short...but I have to say it. I love Apple Computers. My poor computer's brain got confused. No way Jose was I going to be able to fix it. Computer is no longer under warranty...like its owner.

Got an appointment with the 'Genius' at the Apple store, my choice of appointment time. Brought computer in, the Genius worked on it a bit and decided it needed a longer repair time. Left computer at store, did some short shopping. Went home, started on decorating Christmas tree and received a phone call. YAY!!! Computer repaired...no charge.

Now I have had many computers prior to my Macbook. Each and every brand required many long and confusing conversations with technicians that passed me around on long distance calls. Each long distance call lasting several hours. Often the technicians would 'lose our connection' when they were in over their head. Or my favorite thing...talking to someone with a middle eastern accent in India or somewhere in that area whose name was Charlie or Linda. Yeah, right. One brand had a store and you could bring computer in. Huge service fee...computer still not repaired.

So short story longer...I have my computer back. Working fine all do to the wonderful product and service of Apple Computers.

PS Steve Jobs feel free to compensate

Friday, December 11, 2009

Traveling Girl

I am missing my little girl right now. She is off and about visiting siblings. Having fun...and living life to the fullest. My daughter can make the darkest day bright! She keeps me young.
She taught me to blog. (Although she may live to regret it...lol).

Elise loves her family. Only those in her immediate family are allowed to call her by her nickname. She is adamant about that. Her cousin Sam was allowed to, but he was always
another brother in this household. Her brothers and Sam hung the moon in her eyes.

And she is so happy to have sisters now it is beyond belief. Finally, we have people in the house that enjoy HGTV as much as we do. And Lifetime tv, and talking about cooking shows and shopping, well... I'm sure you get the idea.

I am looking forward to when she returns, she really won't be gone long. Then we can shop 'til we drop and get this house finished for the big fat jolly old elf. Don't be rude...that would be Santa. I know of no other fat jolly old elf. And my husband has informed me he is not ready to go 'green' this Christmas so she can help with the ornaments, etc. Afterwards, we will sit back with our traditional hot chocolate and Christmas carols and gaze at the most beautiful tree we ever had. As always...each year.

So hurry home little girl, but, 'Be Safe'!

I love you a bushel and a peck!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh She Got The Funk...

I don't know what has happened to my get up and go. It has got up and gone. I have so many partially finished projects going I feel like a ball of yarn that has been tumbled so many times I don't know where my beginning or ending is. Maybe part of the problem relates to physical restrictions from three back surgeries. Limits things I want to do to things I can do. Or things I have to ask for help in doing. I wish I was better at asking for help. I do not like depending on others. Stinks. So I created my destiny, I know, I know.

We have our Christmas tree. It is even in a stand in living room waiting to be decorated. Poor fool. Might be a while yet. Need someone to rearrange furniture for its final resting place. May it rest in peace. I'm thinking of going green this year. All green tree. No lights, ornaments garland or glittery things to dilute green. Just a thought...

I wish I had some ruby red slippers or eyes that blinked and made wishes come true. My house that is in shambles would be righted. Tree decorated. Dogs walked, ear drops placed in ear of puppy that weighs 82 pounds. (Eighty two pounds that require pinning down, grabbing around neck and hopefully getting drops in ear canal.) This supposed to be accomplished by woman who is not to lift anything over twenty pounds. Good thing I don't have to lift her. Baby has an ear infection going.

Prob won't blog about it though. Not sharing much on that subject I'm sure you appreciate that.

Back to ruby slippers et al; laundry washed and folded. Old mattress and box spring hauled. Did you know that Viet Nam Vets does not take old mattresses and box springs? I am thinking prb none of the 'We take old junk' places do. So now I have to figure out how to get this dumb thing out of my house. Along with the 'amigo' chair I inherited from my Mother. Sucker weighs a ton and I can't find anyone who wants it. It even works if the battery is charged. Would empty a ton of space in one of my bedroom closets if I could get it gone. It's too heavy for my husband and I to move. Maybe I could charge it...roll it outside...put it at the top of my street...turn it on and let it rip! Just off on its own little journey. See ya..wouldn't wanna be ya! Oh, if only.

Hmmm...I think this posting is sounding too much like Eeyore. I am glad I have this outlet to whine in though. Or not. Public whining is so very pathetic. I apologize for whining. I think I am going to pull covers up over head and wait until the funk passes...after wrestling Beignet!

So everyone go have a day...and a better one than mine!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daniel Son

Happy Birthday Daniel Son. My sidekick in fun and silliness. My baby boy of now twenty eight years.

Oh My Goodness! You are almost as old as Moi!

What a year for you my son. What a wonderful, fabulous year. A wife, a new beginning for you and yours. Your wife is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

I am so proud to be your Mother. You have a heart of gold.You have a special knack for putting people at ease and keeping smiles on faces. You have an adorable pug, Zeus. Snuck that in, did you notice how smoothly I did that?

You work hard and play hard. You are a loyal brother and friend. You are patient (most of the time, work on the
time you aren't) and kind. You drive fast. Whaaaaattt???? You are a wonderful 'Unka Dan'.

And more than anything you are my special Daniel Son. Enjoy your special day...I love you. Mom

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seasons of Weddings...

Some that read this blog are not Mothers, but are a Mother's child. Some that read this blog are Mothers of grown children. Some are Mothers of teens, young children, toddlers or babies. Whatever age child you or your child may be what a Mother's heart wishes most for a child is health and happiness and love in their life.

I am a very fortunate Mother. My sons have married strong, beautiful and talented women who bring love to their lives. Having been on the marriage plan a while, I know that not every day will they be thrilled with my sons. Say what?!!!

Nah, it's not a shock. But I know that these women have the right stuff, the sticking gene, whatever you want to call it. The knowledge that life is not always a ride on a merry-go-round. Most often it is a ride on the world's biggest roller coaster; hills and valleys. I believe these young married couples have what it takes to work through the valleys. They shine at enjoying the peaks!

I know I wouldn't want to see them go through life with anyone other than each other. They are each others touch stone. They ground each other in love; each others soft place to land. I am witness to that.

So yes, we had our last two sons marry this year. Each season of weddings brought happiness and joy and love that strengthens our family circle.

Thank you ladies...all my love and gratitude.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pansies Are For Remembrance

If you've been a visitor before to my blog you may have noticed a change with my header. See, pansies are a 'thing' in my family. That is what one of my sons told his wife when she was trying to come up with an idea for a gift for me. And he was right. Both my grandmothers and my Mom were all about pansies. I was raised with the saying, 'Pansies Are For Remembrance' from the time I knew what a pansy was. And that was at a pretty early age because I can remember toddeling around in my Grandmother's yard with my Paw Paw, helping him tend my Grandmother's pansy circle.

For each of her daughters' wedding gift, my Mother gave us a painted pansy pin with a diamond in the center. You know, the 'eye' of the pansy. It is one of my most treasured items. I wear it often, to 'remember' my Mother.

Another thing. I only like the pansies with eyes. Perhaps those were the ones I grew up with, I am not sure. But for it to be a pansy that rocks my world it has to be the kind with eyes.
And either blue or purple or yellow and purple or white and purple or some combination of those colors.

Fact: I have pansy wallpaper in my dining room. I never tire of it. My Father loved it when he first saw it. He said, "Where in the world were you able to find that?"

*The photo with the beautiful girl and two darling children was taken in my 'pansy' dining room.

Fact: The beautiful girl is my beautiful daughter. The two darling children are my darling grandsons.

Fact: I have a pansy ring that was my paternal Grandmother's that I put my pansies from my garden in. Hard to find those now.

Fact: My paternal grandmother's first name was Florelle. A version of the french word for flower, Fleur.
* The picture of the serene Mother and child is Grams, my paternal Grandmother with my Dad.

Honest admission: I didn't create my header. I requested it and watched the making of it. My very talented daughter has this special software called photoshop she can use to create that kind of thing. I asked for something with pansies and it still looked a tad bare. Aforementioned very talented daughter thought of fleur de lis's and I picked out the one I liked and...presto- chango-magic-makeover!

I think I've told you already how wonderful that girl is, but I promise it won't be the last you hear that from me!

For a very simple flower...a pansy delivers a lot of love and memories.

PS I have a new favorite flower...Lily