Monday, December 14, 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

This will be short...but I have to say it. I love Apple Computers. My poor computer's brain got confused. No way Jose was I going to be able to fix it. Computer is no longer under its owner.

Got an appointment with the 'Genius' at the Apple store, my choice of appointment time. Brought computer in, the Genius worked on it a bit and decided it needed a longer repair time. Left computer at store, did some short shopping. Went home, started on decorating Christmas tree and received a phone call. YAY!!! Computer charge.

Now I have had many computers prior to my Macbook. Each and every brand required many long and confusing conversations with technicians that passed me around on long distance calls. Each long distance call lasting several hours. Often the technicians would 'lose our connection' when they were in over their head. Or my favorite thing...talking to someone with a middle eastern accent in India or somewhere in that area whose name was Charlie or Linda. Yeah, right. One brand had a store and you could bring computer in. Huge service still not repaired.

So short story longer...I have my computer back. Working fine all do to the wonderful product and service of Apple Computers.

PS Steve Jobs feel free to compensate


Amy Hall said...

This is wonderful to hear! I went with my Daddy this weekend to look at getting me an Apple! I have a PC now and it has ate all of my iTunes... needless to say that was the straw that broke the camels back, no more PCs for me... I want an Apple! :]

Sush said...

Amy....we must meet! I enjoy hearing the Elise and Amy tales of fun! Enjoy your will be a keeper! Just be sure to back up files. Snow Leopard Time Capsule will let you back them up every time u plug in one of those thingies that do the job. Ck it out with Elise! We share one...!!!
PS I love your sketches!