Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Christmas Time Was Here!

It was a Christmas of a different sort this year. With two of our sons newly married the only chick left in our nest was the baby girl chicklet. We did some of the traditional celebration...early Church service Christmas Eve and dinner at Bonefish Grill. Home for luminary viewing in the neighborhood and finishing touches on Christmas goodies.

Waking later on Christmas morning is actually a nice change now that the kids are adults. Elise

made a delicious breakfast casserole and fresh fruit salad. We
opened gifts and enjoyed each others thoughtfulness.

Later in the day we headed to our oldest son's house in Durham, NC. Their home is decorated beautifully for the holiday season
and was a wonderful setting for Christmas dinner. Our grandsons were as excited as only children can be with the essence of the

day. We had a delicious dinner and Sush and Elise and Pop were given the treat of having the rest of the day free of kitchen duty.

The day after Christmas our out of town children arrived and the family celebration in total began! We had a relaxed lunch and a fun time watching everyone open their gifts.

It is always
fun to see who has drawn which sibling's name from the hat for the Christmas exchange.
Lily, Peter and Trey gave us the necessary sweetness only children can bring to a holiday and the older kids gave us laughs and good times. We also had our two dogs and two furry grandpups so it was really a full house!

We had more visiting and doing of family outings the remainder of the weekend. We also were able to enjoy the fruits of having sons home to give their aging parents and worn out sister help in advancing household projects! Truly, we were blessed.

Holidays must come to a close. Normalcy must return so we can appreciate how truly wondrous the season is. Happy New Year to all.

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