Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Homage To The Big Easy

I have a Christmas Village. Some think it is rather large...but isn't that in the eye of the beholder? Really it isn't that large, but this year I have had to condense the small city due to a calamity in the house. (Later, gator for details on that.)

Anyhoo, I have finished the Christmas Village for this year. My homage to my home town...New
Orleans. On the 'East Bank', I have a French Quarter building with ironwork balconies and a Jambalaya Cafe on the first level; jazz band playing outside the building. Street lamps and iron benches grace the pathway. Oh, and a horse drawn buggy, and the moon over the Mississippi, of course.

On the Algiers side of the river, the 'West Bank,' a casino...a double homage. One to New

Orleans and also to my Mom, big casino lover. Elise placed a girl with a big suitcase next to the casino as a replica of herself going with her Gramma to spend lots of Gramma's money at the casino . On the same side of the river is the 'toy factory.' Not really New Orleans, it is just for my grandkids...!

Back on the New Orleans side of the river is a Garden District home and a Church that I found
most resembles the Church where Steve and I got married. The Most Holy Name of Jesus on Saint Charles Avenue. If you look closely you may see the bride and groom and car with cans attached! Referring back to my first was a December wedding! And today is our Anniversary...thirty-eight!

My one real sorrow is I didn't have room in the location I am using this year for my riverboat. It would have been cool on the river...but then there is always next year. And maybe next year I will be able to make it a true replica with levees above and the city below the levees. Hmmm, will work on that for next year.

Joyeux Noel Ya'll !!!

PS For those not in the know...New Orleans has had snow, just every twenty years or so!

PSS When my boys come, they will move the people around to the most peculiar places. Once we had the choir director jumping from the Church roof. Couldn't take the out of tune choir....crazy boys!

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Laura Hoffman said...

I love your Christmas village!!!!! Can't wait to see it :)