Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daniel Son

Happy Birthday Daniel Son. My sidekick in fun and silliness. My baby boy of now twenty eight years.

Oh My Goodness! You are almost as old as Moi!

What a year for you my son. What a wonderful, fabulous year. A wife, a new beginning for you and yours. Your wife is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

I am so proud to be your Mother. You have a heart of gold.You have a special knack for putting people at ease and keeping smiles on faces. You have an adorable pug, Zeus. Snuck that in, did you notice how smoothly I did that?

You work hard and play hard. You are a loyal brother and friend. You are patient (most of the time, work on the
time you aren't) and kind. You drive fast. Whaaaaattt???? You are a wonderful 'Unka Dan'.

And more than anything you are my special Daniel Son. Enjoy your special day...I love you. Mom


Laura Hoffman said...

This is great!!!!! :)

Sush said...

Thanks for the comments...I enjoy cking for them!
Love you,