Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did Someone Say 'Fetch'?

My babies are sooo cute!

I don't mean my grandchildren, because of course everyone knows that.
I am referring to my furry babies.

Holden, our black lab/pointer mix is almost thirteen years young. She is slow getting around...much like me, and her bones are aching...much like me. Holdie, as I often refer to her, still has some getty up and pep in her step. Sort of comes in spurts and often depends on the weather...again like me.

My baby baby, Beignet, is our nine month old
puppy. She is a Goldador, a mix of a golden lab and a golden retriever. Here is a picture when we brought her home...

She is a tad rambunctious, but as sweet as can be. Beignet is sooo eager to please...she just needs impulse control. Cesar, are you listening???

How do you like Holden and Beignet's Christmas collars...we call them
Christmas Holdie and Christmas
Beignet!!! Too cute, don't you agree???

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