Friday, December 4, 2009

First Do No Harm

Before I go on with my Blog, I thought it appropriate to explain the name...First Do No Harm. I am sure most of my readers are aware it comes from the Hippocratic Oath. It requires a new physician to uphold a number of professional ethical standards. The best known is, "to do no harm" . Included in the oath is also to do no harm or injustice to patients.

I am not a Dr., haven't played one on tv, have slept at a Holiday Inn, but I have always felt if we all followed this ethical standard, we as a human race would be happier and mankind would not suffer from war, hate and prejudice. I wish I could say I always followed this philosophy every minute of every day. I don't. I just try my best to keep myself thinking along those lines and pulling myself back when I stray.

All this said, I admire and love this philosophy and do my best to weave it into my daily life.
I have a sister that has a similar philosophy, it goes something like this...S**t rolls downhill.
So choose what works for you but kindness and justice pretty much cover a lot of territory.

Sermon over. Peace out.

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Kristina said...

This is a great explanation of your blog name! Very wonderful mantra to live by!