Thursday, December 3, 2009

It All Started With A Wedding...

First things first, it all started with OUR wedding, mine and Steve's, my Mr Wonderful. My Grandmother kept hearing me go on and on about my boyfriend and how wonderful he was. Finally she looked at me and said, "I know, I will call him Mr Wonderful!". The name has stayed his and he has lived up to it all of our lives.

Ours was a December wedding, complete with red bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaids bouquets filled with holly, ornaments, ribbons and flowers. We carried the Christmas theme to include flocked trees at Southern Yacht Club where the reception was held.

If you have read my profile you know I come from a large family. My wedding was also the first 'big' wedding in our immediate family so all my sisters were included as bridesmaids. I also had the joy of having my groom's one and only sister as one of my best friends so of course I wanted her in the wedding. And I wanted to include my groom's sister-in-law, as she would soon be a part of my family. And who could leave out her childhood friend or her college roommate? So yes, I had a very large wedding party.

We all know the wedding is only the beginning of the story...from there we began our life together as husband and wife and in four very short years as parents. And then the stair steps began! We had our four boys in very close proximity of one another. Not all planned, if you are looking for the honest truth, but all so welcome.

When the oil and gas bust hit Louisiana in the early eighties, with four boys to educate, clothe and feed God started throwing bricks at us to chase us out of our beloved New Orleans and send us to North Carolina. It was a blessing, as soon after we moved to North Carolina for employment, we also discovered we were having another baby! We called it our intended baby, we didn't intend to have another but God did! And what a blessing she is! That's right, our first and only daughter!

Life continued, children grew up and this year we had the last two sons get married. So it has been a season of weddings for us and in the middle of the wedding celebrations we had the birth of our first granddaugher!

More posts and photos to come....!!!

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elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Well Momma, you saved the best for last! ;) (don't tell the boys) hahaha