Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Ready for Gingerbread Houses and Grandsons

My first born grandchild is known as Trey. He stole my heart first, a real love. Trey introduced me to life as I now know and love it; being a Grandmother. We have more fun in a day together than many fit in a lifetime!

We have sleepovers and play days and as of last
year a new tradition for Christmas, making
edible Christmas houses. I am big on making memories and having the process be the fun not the product. Not that the gingerbread house created last year was less than spectacular...

This year we have a date set for the Tuesday evening before Christmas. Trey and his brother,Peter will come for a sleepover. Either that night or the next day, depending on everyones energy level we will make another Christmas house. This year we are trying our hands, mouths, etc at making Rice Krispie houses. It is a kit, but I have learned it is the wise grandmother that purchases extra icing and candies for decorating. You must have enough for the house and the decorators!

So, Trey Bear and Peter, I can hardly
about you? I just love this time of the year!

Maybe next year Lily will be old enough to come!

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Erin H. said...

Have fun on Tuesday! Hopefully the gingerbread house will still be partially intact on Saturday so we can see it! Love you!