Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit!!

Hello!!! Today is my second grandson's birthday. And it is his second birthday!!! It feels like yesterday I got a phone call letting me know he was born and safe and sound. I was so thrilled, and his Mom and Dad couldn't have been happier. His older brother was in a daze as I recall, not quite sure what all this meant, but thrilled to see his little brother. Peter has grown to be a charming, delightful toddler. He is a man that knows his own mind and isn't bashful about letting you know it. He has a real sense of humor and can get a real belly laugh going when something strikes his funny bone. And mischievous...just look at that grin and you will be able to see the mischief lurking not too far away!!! I love this young man...he brings joy and happiness to my life that knows no bounds. One of his favorite things to say is 'OKAY' in this precious voice of his. So, Happy Birthday my sweet Peter Rabbit...okay?

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