Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Houses and Grandchildren...Oh My!!

The annual holiday house decorating event went off without a hitch. Preceding the Big Day... Christmas, we had Trey and Peter over for the holiday festivities. We made Rice Krispie Treat houses and decorated to our hearts delight. Peter was content to watch as countless M&M's, Dots, Gumdrops, beaded candies, hard candies were strategically placed with icing around and on the houses. And a few might have been eaten along the way?

Not being one to stop at a Christmas house, we moved on to Rice Krispie snowmen, candy canes and Christmas trees. Trey was happy to cover as much of the Rice Krispie confections as possible. His creations were a candyman's dream come true.

Aunt Elise was busy making a Christmas Wonderland house of her own, and I made a Rice Krispie house for Lily.

We spent the rest of the night watching Pixars CARS and A MUPPETS CHRISTMAS. Sometime during the middle of the night Peter woke up ready to play. Effects of the candy...perhaps? We put CARS back on and watched some more of that exciting flick.
Had a midnight visit with Pop when the thrill of the movie died. Next, we got on the computer and pulled up the Nickelodean sight and watched The Backyardigans. The midnight festivities were completed with a viewing of Peter's family montage of pictures on Sush's computer.

The next day we played with toys, watched more movies and waited for Daddy. Peter crashed after lunch as a result of his midnight prowling. Trey made instruments out of paper that were really quite remarkable.

An hour or two after Peter and Trey departed we had my sweet little baby granddaughter come visit. Our first babysitting at Sush's house for Lily. Now I have had the fun of babysitting my sweet pea in her
own home, but this was her first time at my house sans parents. OH WHAT FUN!!!
Aunt Elise and I played and cooed to our hearts content. Pop was in and out of the scene, enjoying Lily's sweet smiles.

During her visit Lily slept in the same crib her Daddy did.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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