Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh She Got The Funk...

I don't know what has happened to my get up and go. It has got up and gone. I have so many partially finished projects going I feel like a ball of yarn that has been tumbled so many times I don't know where my beginning or ending is. Maybe part of the problem relates to physical restrictions from three back surgeries. Limits things I want to do to things I can do. Or things I have to ask for help in doing. I wish I was better at asking for help. I do not like depending on others. Stinks. So I created my destiny, I know, I know.

We have our Christmas tree. It is even in a stand in living room waiting to be decorated. Poor fool. Might be a while yet. Need someone to rearrange furniture for its final resting place. May it rest in peace. I'm thinking of going green this year. All green tree. No lights, ornaments garland or glittery things to dilute green. Just a thought...

I wish I had some ruby red slippers or eyes that blinked and made wishes come true. My house that is in shambles would be righted. Tree decorated. Dogs walked, ear drops placed in ear of puppy that weighs 82 pounds. (Eighty two pounds that require pinning down, grabbing around neck and hopefully getting drops in ear canal.) This supposed to be accomplished by woman who is not to lift anything over twenty pounds. Good thing I don't have to lift her. Baby has an ear infection going.

Prob won't blog about it though. Not sharing much on that subject I'm sure you appreciate that.

Back to ruby slippers et al; laundry washed and folded. Old mattress and box spring hauled. Did you know that Viet Nam Vets does not take old mattresses and box springs? I am thinking prb none of the 'We take old junk' places do. So now I have to figure out how to get this dumb thing out of my house. Along with the 'amigo' chair I inherited from my Mother. Sucker weighs a ton and I can't find anyone who wants it. It even works if the battery is charged. Would empty a ton of space in one of my bedroom closets if I could get it gone. It's too heavy for my husband and I to move. Maybe I could charge it...roll it outside...put it at the top of my street...turn it on and let it rip! Just off on its own little journey. See ya..wouldn't wanna be ya! Oh, if only.

Hmmm...I think this posting is sounding too much like Eeyore. I am glad I have this outlet to whine in though. Or not. Public whining is so very pathetic. I apologize for whining. I think I am going to pull covers up over head and wait until the funk passes...after wrestling Beignet!

So everyone go have a day...and a better one than mine!

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