Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pansies Are For Remembrance

If you've been a visitor before to my blog you may have noticed a change with my header. See, pansies are a 'thing' in my family. That is what one of my sons told his wife when she was trying to come up with an idea for a gift for me. And he was right. Both my grandmothers and my Mom were all about pansies. I was raised with the saying, 'Pansies Are For Remembrance' from the time I knew what a pansy was. And that was at a pretty early age because I can remember toddeling around in my Grandmother's yard with my Paw Paw, helping him tend my Grandmother's pansy circle.

For each of her daughters' wedding gift, my Mother gave us a painted pansy pin with a diamond in the center. You know, the 'eye' of the pansy. It is one of my most treasured items. I wear it often, to 'remember' my Mother.

Another thing. I only like the pansies with eyes. Perhaps those were the ones I grew up with, I am not sure. But for it to be a pansy that rocks my world it has to be the kind with eyes.
And either blue or purple or yellow and purple or white and purple or some combination of those colors.

Fact: I have pansy wallpaper in my dining room. I never tire of it. My Father loved it when he first saw it. He said, "Where in the world were you able to find that?"

*The photo with the beautiful girl and two darling children was taken in my 'pansy' dining room.

Fact: The beautiful girl is my beautiful daughter. The two darling children are my darling grandsons.

Fact: I have a pansy ring that was my paternal Grandmother's that I put my pansies from my garden in. Hard to find those now.

Fact: My paternal grandmother's first name was Florelle. A version of the french word for flower, Fleur.
* The picture of the serene Mother and child is Grams, my paternal Grandmother with my Dad.

Honest admission: I didn't create my header. I requested it and watched the making of it. My very talented daughter has this special software called photoshop she can use to create that kind of thing. I asked for something with pansies and it still looked a tad bare. Aforementioned very talented daughter thought of fleur de lis's and I picked out the one I liked and...presto- chango-magic-makeover!

I think I've told you already how wonderful that girl is, but I promise it won't be the last you hear that from me!

For a very simple flower...a pansy delivers a lot of love and memories.

PS I have a new favorite flower...Lily

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Laura Hoffman said...

OMG! I did not know you had a blog!!!!! Daniel told me you sent out an e-mail, but I totally missed that boat. haha. This is awesome...looking forward to reading it. :) Love you!