Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Best of the Best

We have always told our children they are the Best of the Best. Last weekend was a good example of why we know this. It was their Dad's sixtieth birthday. The siblings consulted via emails flying madly back and forth and planned a wonderful birthday surprise.

For a while now we have lived with attic stairs that do not function completely. We had to pull them half way down and then use a ladder to climb up the the half way point and then up the stairs to the attic. Needless to say it has been a long while since I have been in my attic.

The kids banded together and purchased new attic stairs for their Dad's birthday. The Best of The Best part is they all came over to not only give their Dad his gift but they then installed said attic stairs. Those that were not working on the stairs helped work on repairing the master bedroom wall that was damaged in the flood from tropical storm Ida. What a wonderful gift. We are much further along on wall repairs and we have wonderful, working attic stairs. I do want to make note that our daughter Elise was as involved in the repairs as any of her brothers. Looks like her summer school studio Urban paid off in construction skills.

As this was an all day and well into the late night affair, I sincerely want to thank my most wonderful daughters-in-law as well as my sons and daughter. If they weren't the loving women they are, our sons wouldn't have had the time or opportunity to install and assist on home repairs. I love you all!

So turning sixty was to coin a Martha Stewart phrase, 'A Good Thing'.

PS Dad tuckered out before the kids left and they let him sleep...the best keep getting better!

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