Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Do I Thank You

Friday was not one of my favorite days. In fact it was one I had been dreading for two weeks. The tooth in my head that had been repaired, root canaled, posted and every other bandaid possible done to it, expired. New Years Eve day it started acting up. I waited until after New Years Day to call our family dentist. He prescribed an antibiotic and set up an appointment for me first thing that following Monday.

No magic left in his hat...tooth had to come out.

Next call, our family oral surgeon. OH NO...he was out for back surgery! Now, I am a creature of habit and  familiarity. I don't like to have strange doctors treating me and when the procedure is one like this, I REALLY don't care to see anyone new. After much discussion with his receptionist we agreed to put the tooth on hold since I was on antibiotics and it wasn't hurting and wait for his return. A week went by with no phone call that he was back in the office. Long story longer,  I called the family dentist back for another referral. Just as I was working up the nerve to call the 'unknown surgeon' creepy music in your head...I got a phone call from my hero oral surgeon's receptionist...he' baaaaaa aaaaaaacccckk!!!

I was offered an appointment for Thursday, but my daughter was not going to be in town. We are each other's driver and nursemaid, cheerleader, you name it. Did not want to attempt to have oral surgery without my very special gal pal to be by my side. Life was good, they gave me an appointment for the next day.

So yesterday I had my tooth out. Not fun. Most of us in my family don't do well with drugs. I had the nitrous gas...did relax me thank goodness, but also ended up making my stomach almost hurl. The Dr, not wanting to endure that, I'm sure... switched to just oxygen for the last bit of the procedure. Saving us all from the atrocities of hurling stomach.

 All of this took two hours. My sweet daughter waited for me all this time, drove my shaking bones home, got me in bed and comfy. Next she went to the pharmacy and filled my prescriptions. Elise then returned home and made sure I was doing ok and kept her watchful eyes on me. I have mentioned to you my, dear readers how wonderful this young woman is. Never will it be too many times and never will I be able to express how much I love her. She is my comfort and blessing. I love you Goog. Always have...always will.


Erin H. said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better, and I agree, Elise is wonderful!! :-)

Sush said...

Am feeling although lighter in the head. All my girls are wonderful and I miss you too much for words. Loves!