Monday, January 18, 2010

Warm Weather

Yes! The weather has finally made a change for the better. It has defrosted and made it up to the sixties. Two fur balls in residence in our house are benefitting from the warmer weather. Elise bathed them both and they seem to be happy for the shampoo and shine! Holden and Beignet are soaking up sunshine, I guess storing up vitamin D for when gray days return.

Steve had MLK day off. Well, he did go in to work for half a day for meetings and conference calls but then came home. I can hear him outside working ,we all are happier with sunshine and warm weather.

Tomorrow Elise starts her last semester of college. While I am thrilled for her, I will be missing the companionship we had over the break. Good thing for me she has an internship in town so I will get to see her twice weekly. Yay!

Sunshine beckons...excuse me while I go enjoy the warm weather! Ciao!


Laura said...

I am now a Susieblog fan! I have enjoyed catching up with all of your goin's on and all the joys in your life. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

I think my favorite part are the pictures and art you have dotted throughout the posts. You have really used your creativity on this!

Keep posting!
oxoxox Laura Mc

Sush said...

Love you Laura, thanks for your lovely thoughts!