Thursday, January 21, 2010

You've Got To Have Friends

There's a song Bette Midler sings called, "You've Got To Have Friends". Now some of the words in the actual song may not match the title, but I feel very strongly about how important my friends are in my life. I have a core group of friends that have been here for me since I moved to North Carolina.

We have seen each other through many things. Watched our children grow up together,  even vacationed at one time or another with some of them. Life has been good having them in my life. I've even had one of them move away for a time. I refused to believe she had moved, just gone on a long vacation. Fortunately, they moved back and I was able to feel like my dream had become the reality. Welcome home, Marilyn and Enrique.

One of my friends is another New Orleans transplant. We are able to keep our traditions alive. I have to admit we haven't gone visiting the local cemetery on All Saints Day with doughnuts in hand since we first moved, but Geaux Saints!!! Debbie and Al, my hand to gawd, friends forever dawlin' hawts!

Another friend is our fashionista. She keeps us on our toes and our shoes in style. Becki is even now on the television and radio as a political advisor. Without her advise on things political and fashion we would be out in the cold.

Another transplanted couple, Jeannette and Jimmy arrived here from Louisville. Another town with strong southern traditions. Jeannette's brother just happens to be married to another of our group so they are not only friends, but family as well. J is our talented faux finisher...has designed many beautiful walls of fame in town and all over the south.

And Laura and Mike, hometown heroes. They have lived here the longest. Laura actually longer than Mike since he moved here for college. I have had the good fortune to not only have her as my friend, but as my boss. Worked with her for quite a long time until the back broke. Wasn't her fault, honestly. In fact, it snapped at the wedding reception for Becki's oldest daughter. Was dancing my heart out and the hip went one way and the back another...sproing!!!

Okay, so you have some history here. Our friendship goes back for a long time. Our kids have grown up together even dated one or another a time or two. Some have been each other's roommates in college and beyond. Stood by our child's side when married. Yep we are each others extended family in a lot of ways.

Last night it came crashing down on me how important they all are to me. One of us had a birthday to celebrate and the news of her child's engagement. One of us had to put a beloved pet to sleep. And most heart breaking, one of us is having to face the reappearance of her cancer. As we sat around a table at a local restaurant, listening and sharing in each others woes and blessings, I realized in a flash how blessed I am to have these strong, caring and loving women in my life. We have each other for support in good times and bad. And really, that's what friends are for.

I love you girls, I really do.


Laura Hoffman said...

I love this! We couldn't get through life without friends, and of course---family. Love to you! :)

Sush said...

Thanks Laura,
I enjoyed watching you and your friends! I know you all will be there for each other as well...Loves...