Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabulous February Femmes' Birthdays

February was the month of beautiful birthdays of three of my favorite ladies!

My first in the family daughter-in-law, Terri, had her birthday on February 15. Terri has been a part of our family for so long it is hard to remember she married into it...poor baby, I wonder if she knew what she was getting into. I can count on her for a ready hand and she provides the joy and happiness their family needs and thrives on!
Terri is married to our oldest son, Steve and the mother of our two grandsons Trey, and Peter. She makes us so proud with all she does as a wife, mother and full time working Mom.

 If you have seen my daughter-in-law's beautiful smile, you have had the rest of your day happy! Happy Birthday Day, Week and Month...and many more!

The next birthday lady in our Fabulous February Femmes was Erin's! Erin and Scott married on October  3 last year. The happiness and love she has brought to Scott and all of our family is endless! Love is what Erin is.

Erin's birthday was February 18. She and Scott went to NYC to celebrate...they saw Wicked! It's not everyday a young woman gets to be thirty!

Erin is our tender hearted teacher...she is willing to jump in and do everything and anything. Her laugh is so infectious she has us all laughing and smiling as soon as she enters a room! Happy Birthday, Erin....Ole!

Now today, February 28 is our daughter-in-law Laura's birthday! Laura is a gentle soul and brings a quiet strength and calm to her husband our son, Daniel. Daniel and Laura were married June 20 of last year. Happiness and joy come through the door when she enters!

Laura, is full of life and keeps us on a good path of health and activity. Always ready for any activity requiring get up and go...warm weather or cold, Laura can get us all moving and shaking! In times of adversity I am amazed at her assurance that all will be well.

Laura is such a trusting and pure of heart young lady...she even was willing to let Daniel's groomsmen hold her aloft when she was in her wedding dress. I know most of those young men...mother to a few. Laura, you will always have my admiration and love! Happy Birthday, sunshine girl!!


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Mom! Happy Birthday Ladies!

Steve, Jr.

Sush said...

Happy to oblige...! I love my Birthday Girls...Lisa, July is not that far away!

xoxox Everyone

lisa said...

Happy Birthday ladies! Sounds like February might be a good month for a future girls trip?

Laura Hoffman said...

That was a sweet post!!! Thank you, Susie!!! :)

Lisa...girls trip? That sounds great...we should start those. Lily included! ;)

Erin H. said...

I feel special to be one of the subjects of your blog! :-) Also, I am TOTALLY in for a girls' trip!!

Sush said...

Whoop Whoop...sounds like a MIL's get to go? LOL! Elise can explain if not...xoxo