Saturday, February 13, 2010


After shopping for a gelpro mat for my kitchen, Elise and I headed over to Panera Bread to snag dinner to go.  The irony of gelpro mats and getting dinner to go is not lost on me. My kitchen floor is made of ceramic tile. Great for wear and tear from pets, not so great on wear and tear on legs. Cooking gets hard in the kitchen if there for any length of time. Even Elise, young as she is, finds it hard on her back and legs.  Beignet, who spends the most time in the kitchen needs a soft spot for sleeping. Myself, I've had three back surgeries so five minutes can feel like five hours.
Back to the irony. It was so late after we shopped for a mat to help me be in the kitchen...we needed take out!

So, now we are in Panera Bread Restaurant. I was wearing my Saints t-shirt, (this fact is important in the story)...just hold on. Elise and I were mulling over the menu choices, I was on the phone with hubby getting his request when I heard Elise say, "Oh, no you go ahead we are still trying to decide!"
I heard the people behind us say they were still trying to decide themselves. Talked amongst themselves and then they stepped in front of us to order. Not a problem, we really can take forever to decide! As the aforementioned group turned back from ordering the 'Dad' in the group looked at my t-shirt and pointed at his and said 'Go Saints'! He was wearing a Saints championship t-shirt!

We got to chatting, turns out he was up here visiting his daughter. He is from Mississippi. I have a sister residing in Mississippi. He attended Southern Mississippi. My brother-in-law teaches at Southern Mississippi. None of that has any relationship to getting old but I am always intrigued with the six degrees of separation theory.

While we were busy exchanging our six degrees, the cashier asked my now cohort a question. He said, "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" Being the really sweet young girl she was, she happily obliged. My cohort requested another repeat. As it turned out the third repeat was the charm. What was said next was another degree. My cohort in six degrees apologized to us telling us he just doesn't hear all that well anymore.
Say What!?! My husband and I are always in need of either a repeat of what was just said or requesting the speaker to crank up his volume. We put the Boom in Baby Boomers!

See, our six degrees just kept coming.

A random thought: Does anyone else of a certain age admit to watching television with the closed captioning turned on? My kids think it is the funniest thing, we are sitting there watching tv with volume on high and closed captioning on. Guess who will end up with the last laugh, ipod generation?

Later in the  evening I was looking for something to read and found the latest Readers Digest magazine. Elise had given her Daddy a subscription for Christmas. Steve rides a van pool to work and Elise thought it would be a great way for him to pass time spent in the van. What was very insightful was she chose the large print edition. After spying the latest edition, I started cracking up at our aging selves! Instead of relating to the latest rock stars or most current whatever with strangers, I am having my six degrees of how I am aging! I guess it doesn't take much to make me laugh!

Just an aside, Readers Digest in large print is really easy to read. For some reason it reminds me of Highlights magazine in print size. Maybe I am trying to get a six degree going with reading matter for the young.

If you get a chance, pick up a copy. Or if you're family or friends...I share!

 LOL, specially good at sharing my husband's reading material...he's so sweet!

PS If you aren't in the habit of scrolling down to the bottom of my blog, try it. I like my new 'button'. It rings true in this house!


Anita said...

I happened upon your blog thru Laura's blog. I thoroughly enjoy your views on life! (My daughter, Jenny Bailey, was Laura's maid of honor and we've been friends with Jim and Katie since the girls were freshmen in highschool.) And I can totally relate to the whole aging thing. How did this happen? :)
Anita Humphries

Pop said...

Getting old really is a blast, Babe, 'cause I'm getting old with you. You hit it right on the head. You also know at the same time we are getting says I. As usual, I loved your posting and dinner was great. Tomorrow will bring more fun and adventure. Love.

Sush said...

Thank you my Sweet for becoming my follower, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth and back! Love your comment and enjoying the adventure!

xoxox Susie