Friday, February 12, 2010

If I Can Sew, You Can Sew...Making our way out of the forest!

Thanks to Daniel and Laura for the above photo of the 'forest' behind their apartment...beautiful visual for my  posting title. Once again, I'm happy to observe the snow from afar. Forecast for us...a dusting tonight! That is all I care to view in my own little corner of the world. 'Nawlins gals freeze rapidly! 

Now for the reason behind this posting. I am going to try another way to help everyone figure out how to be a Follower. Some feedback from family having less than success with becoming Followers and making Comments,has led to the posting of this link:   

I am hoping if you copy and paste this that the people at Google/Blogger are better at explaining the procedure than  I. I did a 'test drive' on trying to sign Steve up all the way until I would have really committed him then stopped. I left him the thrill of doing it himself!

This next link explains how to leave comments:

Try to copy and paste the above sites in your browser and see if it helps with your questions. If not please email me and let me know. I will keep trying.

I hope their instructions are the ticket...Followers and  Comments are a special treat!

I am going to publish this posting, give it a try, praying it works. Steve has signed up for a gmail account so he can follow and comment. But I really think that you can do it from any email account.  I used my hotmail account to follow my blogging friends and family. In the posting where I tried to explain how to do this, the first If I Can Sew...I believe I said to click in the overlaying blocks to follow. You should click on the rectangular block.

Let me know how this is working for you...Anyone that cares to follow, I love readers and comments!  Merci Beaucoup to my current Followers and Commenters. It isn't stalking people, it's Following and Commenting! Come on, help me feel the love, LOL!

Hopefully we are getting through the forest and reaching the goal...! 


Laura said...

This is my fourth try to leave a comment! I hope it works this time.

I used to subscribe to a cooking magazine that had a monthly article that was called something like 5 ingredients or less, and most of those were cans of something, and I thought that was complicated. I cannot imagine to going to as much trouble ss you did, but I can sew a straight seam in a tube skirt. So if you ever want to work a deal on a seam, I will be happy to trade that for a casserole! Just let me know!

Sush said...

Lol U have a deal! I wonder why it is hard leaving a comment? Was it hard before? Thanks for the love!

Laura said...

I wish I knew what makes it so difficult to leave a comment!! One of the worst problems for me is that it seems erratic. After 4 tries, it just seemed to stick! And sometimes when I go back to read comments, I can find them and sometimes I can't. One key that I have learned in my research - I have to have gmail open in the background to see any comments. And i have taken it as my mission to find out how to do this regularly!

Sush said...

How Do It Know???? LOL, Heaven know I don't, but thank you, thank you for your persistence!
I may have to write blogger and ask..
What up?