Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If I Can Sew, You Can Sew...A Tutorial

Close to the end of my first pregnancy my Mother was looking for something to 'distract' me. Many times during my life I have attempted to learn how to sew. I've attended classes, had several frustrating 'hands on' sessions with my expert seamstress Grandmother. Nothing worked. Then Mom saw the add for 'If I Can Sew You Can Sew' classes. We bought into the hype. The final project was to produce a tube skirt. All you had to do was sew straight seams and put elastic in the waist band. The hem was put in with stichwich, a product not requiring thread, only an iron. Sounds like just the thing for a sewing machine challenged young woman. HAH! See, I can sew anything by hand, it's the machine that creates the problem. They snicker when I walk by. I can hear them planning my sewing demise when they are whirring. Funny, for some of my siblings, Mom seemed to find more enjoyable ways to distract!

All that being said, we still attended the class. Results you ask? My tube skirt's straight lines, never happened. Curved, puckered and pulled. My Mother and I both agreed the next level of classes were not worth the attempt. She signed me up next for needlepoint, that worked. No machines. Sew, umm so, siblings...

This leads to my attempt to now teach my siblings, family and friends that are afraid to be followers on a blog, or make comments on a blog how it is done. I have tried to explain to them that blogging without followers or comments is the 'If a tree falls in the forest' syndrome. If I blog and no one is following or commenting, how will I know I have readers?

 Hopefully the results will be better than my tube skirt.

On my blog (and if you are reading this you are here)*, there is a section called FOLLOWERS. Just to the right of that section are two overlaying blocks. Click on those. It will give you a pop up block. In that block it has a rectangular block that says Follow, click on that. This brings up another pop up window. There you have choices. If you already have a Google account of any kind or Twitter or Yahoo you can click on the appropriate box. Or you can click on Create a Google Account. You put in your email account and  your own password.  It is important to know your information is not published on my blog. If you don't believe, just click on one of my followers and see what you can find out. There is nothing more than what the follower chose. Some have more information than others. My favorite thing about creating the google account and when they want you to verify is that they have you type letters in the block. Another blog I follow, this one is on a college blog site Makes you do MATH. Oh the horror. Every time I comment I have to do math. See how nice Google makes it?

Now if you have signed up as a follower it is even easier to make a comment. At the end of each posting...this is a posting. The blog is made of individual postings. Anyway, at the end of each posting it says Comments. Click on that. You will see a box for you to write a comment in. Please feel free to be verbose! Flattery will get you everywhere! There is a spot where it says... Comment as: with a box next to it. You choose which acct you want to sign in with. If you have become a follower, please, please by now you have, you choose the Google account or once more they give you a chance to join. You can preview your comment before you Post Comment. Or just Post Comment.

Was this clear as mud?

I hope this helped. I really do. So far my siblings think if they email me comments on my postings that suffices. Ya Think??? Maybe...but really just go with it Embrace the Blog! You Can Doooooo Itttttt!!! 

Come join me at the head of the class...

Love you until the Rivah Runs Dry and Oh By The Way

The Saints Geauxed and Done Dat....!!!


Sush said...

Ah HaH...if you are a family member that hasn't commented...Gotcha! See it really does matter!

Laura said...

HELP! I keep amusing myself with funny comments that never leave my computer. Or if they do, they do not go on your blog. I may have to call for backup!

Sush said...

So IDK I seem to be seeing these but at a delay?

Delayed or not I love 'em! Love you more!