Saturday, February 27, 2010

If I Can't Sew Can YOU

Okay, so a suggestion from another blogger that was trying to 'comment' on my site led me to do a few tweakings. See if you can now comment friends and family that say it is too hard to do so. Just trying to get everyones sewing machines in gear!

If you really do want to see some *FINE sewing, I mean really, really cute creations, check out the teething toys Lisa made for her friends' babies! I so pray my granddaughter inherits all the sewing genes from her Mom and my Mom and Grams. And from Lisa's Mom, I am guessing Beth also sews beautifully since it's her machine Lisa uses.

Oh and this dress my sister Lee is grandmother, Grams made. Lee was on the Ideal Court in Junior High School. I don't remember if that was the dress she wore the year she was the Queen of the Court, but I bet she does. Hope she figures out how to comment and lets us know!

Anyway...try and comment now Gang! U can use the Anonymous button...and then sign your name in the Comment as some people do. I have a blogger friend I follow and her sister signs Anonymous Your sister xyz . Well she really puts her name but I am protecting her anonymity.


I don't know if you can Follow with Anonymous but hey give it a whirl!


Anonymous said...

Testing Testing...

Anonymous said...

Let's see if it works this time Sush!
Your Oldest

Sush said...

Yay....! I knew you were the 1993 Most Outstanding Teen for a reason! OUTSTANDING!
Love you, Mom