Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Mombo, Mombo, Mombo...Down In New Orleens

Happy Mardi Gras , Ya'll!!!

My parents loved to dress up for Mardi Gras! Both of them would come up with these original ideas, and then bring them to fruition in the most imaginative way. Please understand that some of these costumes were worn before Political Correctness and Politeness set in. The picture above best illustrates my point! If you remember the song 'My Friend the Witch Doctor' you may understand the picture. This was the year they decided to go as cannibals. I don't think they have many people roaming the streets dressed like that anymore! I remember going to the Piggly Wiggly with Mom and listening to her ask the butcher for soup bones and try to explain to him what she needed them for. Pretty priceless.

Another favorite of mine was the year they went as the FTD Teleflora Man and Mom was the 'wired' flowers! I spray painted Dad's old Army helmet for him. The fumes made me so sick I puked for the next twelve hours. Still loved the costume! 

Mom was den leader for my brother's cub scout pack. It was a tradition that the Scouts paraded on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview the  New Orleans neighborhood where we lived. This was their 'float' that year. 

Pretty clever for a Yankee from Grosse Pointe, MI. She caught the Mardi Gras fever from the very beginning. Here's a picture of Mom, Dad and their first born...Lee!

Some of us went the Social route of Mardi Gras. Dad was in a carnival organization. We started out as 'Dancing Princesses' and finished up as 'Maids'. As a 'Dancing Princess', it was my pleasure to drag a drunken member of the Krewe around the dance floor. You can imagine how much fun that was for a young teen, timid and shy. I only progressed as far as a Tableau Princess, or was it Lady-In-Waiting? At least in any category other than 'Dancing Princess' I wasn't required to drag the drunk! LOL!!! We did get to wear some lovely ball gowns designed specifically for the theme of the tableaux of whatever year we were in the ball.
 I chose a wedding instead of being a 'Maid', maybe that's why my housekeeping skills are less than perfect!

Patsy was an elegant Maid!

Aimee and Daddy when she was a Jr Maid.  

Then her picture as the real deal!

Aimee made the newspaper...Mom used to tell me only fools and criminals were in the paper. So, Aim, wanna explain?!

We rode in a 'Krewe' truck parade one year. All I remember is it took forever, and I was doing everything I could to avoid having to use the porta potty on the truck. Ewwwwww! Princess didn't want to go near that smelly thing.

The triumvirate attended Pierre Gustave Tutant Beauregard Jr. High school and marched in parades Mardi Gras season as flag twirlers. Too cool for school, but man some of the parades were 22 miles long. Talk about aching feet! But actually being in the parade was so much fun! 

Our great-aunt,'Weenie' (prounced Wee-Knee, remember we are Cajuns), had an apartment in the Wohl apartment complex on St Charles Avenue. Her apartment overlooked St Charles Avenue with living room windows over the sign. We could open her casement windows, take a coat hanger that had been stretched open and scoop up the beads that flew behind the sign! When we were ready to partake of the crowd, elevator down and into the crowds! Mackenzie's doughnuts and Kastle hamburgers were big staple items at Weenie's for Mardi Gras.

Some years we costumed in theme. We went as a Raggedy Ann and Andy family and made it on tv the costumes were so clever. If anyone in the family has a copy of the picture please scan and send or send it to me, I will scan it and return it. Here's a picture when we all went in costumes of our own creation. I know by the headdress Dad was an Indian Chief. Patsy? IDK? Fill me in...I was a hobo, Aimee the 'Little Princess', and I think Sally was a gypsy. If not...let me know and I will edit! Looking at the ages we all were in this picture I am guessing Lee was old enough to go to Mardi Gras with a boyfriend and Bill was a baby and costumed in a diaper and onesie!

I know I posted this picture before, but it is the only one I have scanned as of this date of Steve and I for Mardi Gras. Working on getting the new scanner up and running...

So, however you roll on Mardi Gras...Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Geaux Saints! Mombo down in New Orleeens!

Aimee, you said you wanted more pictures of Mom and Dad in happier times...your wish is my command! Love you!


Laura Hoffman said...

This is great!!! I loved reading this and learned a lot.

Daniel brought home a King Cake today. We had it for dessert. Very delicious!!!!! Happy Fat Tuesday :)

Sush said...

It was fun to reminisce! Safe Travels!

lisa said...

I loved all the pictures! I think a lot of people don't realize that Mardi Gras is a family event.

Sush said...

Maybe one of these days we can all go as a family. Sarah B has two apts on St Charles they use for Mardi Gras. It would be fun! Plan costumes....!

Laura said...

I am surprised that none of your Mardi Gras memories included the neighborhood event when we went in some trailer to the Swim Club dressed as Stud Missiles and some probably very politically incorrect middle eastern women. I wish I could remember the name of that krewe! But no pictures. NO PICTURES!
Laura Mc

Sush said...

You are right I should have put that in, but I don't have the pictures scanned. I was waiting for my IT person to connect the scanner. Elise if you are reading it please do that ASAP! What other than a job, internship and last semester of college with 18 hrs holding you up?