Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prayin' and Playin'

Okay I woke up early this morning and for those of my readers that know me well...that is unusual to say the least. I just can't sleep. Today the New Orleans Saints play their first Superbowl game. Perhaps some people around the country don't understand the fervor in the city regarding a 'football' game. My husband's younger brother and entire family travelled from Houston for a Saints game in the Superbowl. No fan is half hearted when it comes to being a loyal Saints fan!

Not only did we suffer through the years of being the 'AINTS', in my heart it is also linked to hurricane Katrina and the devestation it brought to our city. I know I can get really teary with all of this, and I know I am not the only New Orleanian that reacts this way.

My son sent a You Tube video that literally had me in tears.  It is beautifully produced and sound mixed. If you get inspired to click on it, enjoy!

There is a store in New Orleans Called Dirty Coast. They sell t-shirts, and other New Orleans themed items. The shirts have sayings that are funny and catchy and ooh so 'Nawlins'. I'm putting a picture of the one most appropriate for today.

I hope the next time I visit with you all it will be to celebrate, but if you desire:

say your prayers and  pull for the boys in black and gold and the city that is recovering from a broken heart.

Another of their shirts works for me as although I no longer reside in my favorite city in the world, this is my motto:

And Most of all...

See Ya Later All AlliGatas....My Hand to Gawd!!!

 Here's the link for the excellent Saints video:


Laura Hoffman said...

This is soooo exciting!!!! I haven't been this excited for the Super Bowl in a long time. Have fun watching!!! Geaux Saints!

Laura said...

I know this is an old post, but just thought I would add my comments. If it works. I loved the Super Bowl this year. I always watch for the commercials, and I have to say I did enjoy some of them, but I heard a radio show the next day asking if you enjoyed the game, the commercials, or the half time show the most. And I realized that for the first time ever, I actually watched the GAME and was so excited to see the Saints win. It felt like a personal victory. So even us old Raleigh folks can get excited for Nawlins!
Laura Mc

Sush said...

Never too late to hear from my dearest of friends she enjoyed seeing my hometown boys finally 'Geaux and Deaux It'! Thanks, Laura