Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Queen of Hearts

Valentines Day 2010 was one of my favorite Valentines of all. Lily came to play! Our two sons in town are also the two of our married children with children. I knew our oldest son and his wife were covered with babysitters for the Day of Hearts by the other set of grandparents. Knowing how rare time alone as a couple can be for parents, I called and offered to babysit Lily if her parents so desired. They so desired. Yay! 

Elise was thrilled as she was home that weekend and any day spent with Lily is a day full of sunshine. 

We were able to tickle and coo, read books, play with toys, be ga ga for Lily! 

I love when she grabs my face and leans in for a kiss...Pop does too!

I know it can take a while for new teeth to arrive, but I think Miss Lily is working on some pretty white pearls, perhaps in time for Easter?

Pop and Lily started getting a tad sleepy...I think they both were ready for naps!

After a nice nap we were able to get some additional snuggles and giggles...

Before our Queen of Hearts left, I thought I heard her shout, "Off with her head!"
Sush, as a most loyal servant to her Queen, does her best to comply:

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lisa said...

I had a smile the entire time I was reading...and I am still smiling :)