Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have rattled and prattled quite a bit since I first started blogging. But I haven't rattled or prattled or even tattled, (one exception see posting re: First Do No Harm) about my siblings.  So gang here goes!

I have two older sisters and two younger sisters...and the caboose of the family is our one and only brother. I think he would say our parents saved the best for last...I'd agree if it didn't make his head swell.
That is Bill riding on my husband's shoulders for a Mardi Gras parade! I'm the grinning fool next to them. I remember it like it was yesterday...unfortunately it was the first Mardi Gras after we were married. As I've said all my do the math!

When we were very young our Dad purchased a kit to make his own sailboat. It was a long time in the making and I remember going out to the carport to 'help' and see the progress. I think I was allowed to put putty in the nail holes. Yay Me! What does this have to do with my sibs? Well, when Dad tried to come up with a name for his sunfish he decided to use the first initials of each of his children. I think at that time my brother had not been born. (Any of my siblings who have a better timeline in their head than I, feel free to correct me). So 'initially', the name of the beautiful 'yacht', was the LPSSA, Lee, Patsy, Susie, Sally, Aimee.  Once our brother was born, and I recall it was very shortly afterwards it became the LPSSAB, encompassing Bill.

That boat was sailed first in Bayou St John. After we all went to sailing camp in Bay St Louis, MS, or proved our 'salt' and 'seaworthiness' in our parents' estimation, we were allowed to sail it in Lake Pontchartrain.

Eventually, Dad did graduate to larger boats, but the LPSSAB has always held a wonderful spot in my heart and memories.

We were a pretty tight bunch. The first three of us have three years age difference between us. Lee, Patsy and myself. My Grandpa Mac is holding me, with his hand on Patsy. My Paw Paw is holding Patsy's hand and Lee is standing in front of him. This was taken when you could still swim in the lake and Pontchartrain Beach was open.  Mom called us the triumvirate.

And, three years after mois, my younger sister Sally arrived. Mac is beaming with her in his arms!
I then became Thing One and she was Thing Two.

Four years later...hey sibs am I doing the math correctly, Aimee arrived. She looks like a china doll, right?

 Five years? later?, Bill was born.  I know he would have loved a brother somewhere in there, but he did have a pretty royal position in the family. He and Aimee remain partners in crime...helps he's an attorney I guess! LOL!

We had the typical sibling squabbles, but boy don't let us catch anyone else looking or speaking crosswise about one of our siblings! We would close up ranks in no time. I still feel the same way about each and every one.

We have grown up, grown older, OMG, I said it didn't I? But still we remain friends and watch each other's back. Unfortunately, between job relocations, marriages and that wicked witch Katrina we are scattered across the South.

We still rally for each other as best we can and love to keep up with one another.

Family weddings have brought some us us together this last year.

We really need to get together at a beach setting or someplace with water and a sailboat some time. Aimee, Bill, Patsy and Lee are getting together shortly in Texas. I have shot my wad with the two weddings so I will be waiting for a report from the reunion. The last I heard, Sally's status is still TBA on the reunion.

I love my siblings...they define my past, my present and I need them always in the future. I can rely on them to keep me grounded and loved. When life starts blowing ill winds, its family after all that keeps us buffeted from the storm.

Thanks Mom and you, miss you...


Erin H. said...

I love all the pictures!! :-) Miss you!

Sush said...

Thanks Erin, did you notice I even managed to get a picture of your Mom and Dad in there? Stay warm! xoxo

Erin H. said...

Haha that's so funny! I didn't even see that they were in the background! XOXO