Friday, February 26, 2010

What I Do For Cheap Entertainment

My kids just crack me up. Used to be when they lived in the house I could sit back and watch them and get my cheap laughs and entertainment. Now I take it in the form of their e-mails back and forth with each other.

I will be very self indulgent here and share some of their quirky humor:

From Scott:
Hey everyone,

I don't know if you have seen ....
I believe ....pretty cool!
I had to delete some pertinent facts to protect the innocent...but the rest will probably keep you in the loop.


Elise replied:
 Dan and I ran into 'names excluded to protect the innocent' last weekend and he winked at Daniel... weird.

Dan Replied:
Elise, he winked at me because he asked my permission to take you on another date.  I was like yeah sure, but I thought you two were already dating.  Then he winked like, yeah we are, she is my babe, she is the lil' fried shrimp in my Po'boy.

You two seem so happy, you should totally go for it Elise!

Erin replied:
Oh my goodness I was just laughing so hard that there were tears (and maybe a snort or two)....hahaha!

And then we have Scott bringing Tim in the mix from one of Tim's previous emails...
I do have one question for Tim though....Did you get the body thong you put on your Christmas list, and if so are you going to wear it at the beach?


Dan replies:
Dad and Tim gave this to each other as matching father/son gifts.

I can't wait for the show!

Elise replies:
Scott that is just gross... lets pray no one gave him such a gift.

I swear, I have family members who say they wanna just come and sit at the table when they are all together so they can die laughing!

Like I said cheap you laughed too!

They actually do wear normal clothes when they are at the beach...not a thong in sight!

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