Monday, March 22, 2010

And So She Scanned...

Guess who got her scanner up and running...LOL well let me rephrase this. Guess whose daughter got her Mother's scanner up and running? Okay, where credit is due!

So I will post a few pictures today specially for my siblings. I am told they are  happy to have a 'Scrapbook' of sorts to view our parents when they were happy and healthy. Isn't that the best way to remember everyone? So break out the kleenex, sibs. I am doing my best to help share memories and photos of happy times, but I still get teary eyed when I write. Happy tears, yes? Well, some sadness too, I suppose. For what was...but can't be again.

My readers who are not siblings...please indulge our sentimental feelings...

This is for Sally...remember when you and Mom and Dad waved my family off to the wilds of North Cackalacky way back when? You were doing your best to keep me from crying...sorry  it was a great laugh but I still had tears in my eyes!

And Sally, this is how SYC is supposed to look...the photo is for all of us!

A Man and his makes me happy seeing him on his boat, knowing how relaxed he always felt on his Fair Lady...whether the Rhodes 19 or the Cal 25!

A funny story goes with the picture below. Daddy and I always had this thing going, you know...the LSU vs Tulane rivalry thing? He was a very good sport one Christmas to wear this bumper sticker I got him! He dressed up with his Christmas Cracker hat and surprised me as I was coming out the front door to head back to NC. I have even enlarged it on the site here so you can see the words...
Tulane Happens! And by the way...anyone else digging his 'jumpsuit'?

 Aimee, I sent you home with the enlarged rendition of your Weddding photo here, but I think we all enjoy it blog size as well. This deserves to be enlarged as much as the Tulane Happens picture...

Bill, this shot of you and Daddy and Mom's 70th, makes me smile every time!

I am not sure who I have to thank for this picture of Mom but isn't it just so her? I think this is where I started feeling like I could sign 'Sush the Great'...from 'Peckie the Great'! A girl's gotta have that ATTITUDE!

I know Daddy would raise his glass to that photo, that woman and that attitude, just like he did at their fiftieth anniversary!

And at Steve and Terri's wedding, July 24, 1999 they were still dancing and having fun! Don't they just make the happy couple?

No matter what is on the door now or what was on it then, at 5910 Memphis

Who I picture standing in front, looking just like this, are these two cherished and loved parents...

Happy Days...Happy Times...Happy Us!

We'll always have what it takes to be a Church...I started training Elise at a very young age!
Oh no, I Diddnnn'ttt!!!...LOL...Oh Yes I DID!!!

PS More pictures to come, but I am thinking I need an external hard drive or my Apple gurl will run out of many photos so few bytes...get it Apple...Bytes? AH HAHAHAHA...


Erin H. said...

It's a good thing I had a box of tissues next to me while I was reading! I love all of the pictures. I so wish I had been able to know your parents, but your pictures and stories help me feel like I do. I miss you!

Lots of love,

Sush said...

Erin, I miss you too! I know they would have loved you! Here's to a wonderful week and maybe we should invest in tissue stock if I am to keep blogging!
Hugs to you and Scott!

lisa said...

I am trying to convince my dad to start a blog so he can preserve some of the family history, memories, and photos. I love that you are doing that, Susie!

Sush said...

Lisa, as someone who is not only an avid blogger but also an avid reader of blogs, I would love to follow one of your Dad's. I hope he starts a blog soon. I would be proud to follow!

And we know how we all like our Followers!
; )

Anonymous said...

Lee said: you all are funny about investing in tissues! Susie don't you remember that Daddy always said the best stock to invest in was toilet paper, because no matter what happened in the economy, people will always need toilet paper :)

Sush said...

Yep Daddy had lots of advice...but I don't think he always took his own advice!
And how about FOLLOWING me officially u can just put Lee no last names...xoxox
Sush The Great!