Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Redux

When you live out of town and it's your birthday...sometimes you just have to eat your cake and have it twice!

We were able to celebrate Scott's birthday family style this last weekend. Scott and Erin, braved the I-95 corridor and travelled from the DC area to our house! I applaud their tenacity and appreciate their willingness to include us in happy celebrations.

Daniel travelled from Richmond to join in the birthday celebration. Laura wasn't able to join us. She was busy working and helping with a fundraiser for a young child, Ber, that sometimes is in her care at the fitness center where she works. A golden hearted young woman is our Laura. She is now busy raising funds in honor of her dear friend Jenny. Please help her in her loving effort.

So, those of the family that were in town 're-celebrated' Scott's birthday. We had the traditional birthday meal at Fat Daddy's, and home for presents, cake and ice cream and just plain ole fun with everyone. 

Scott enjoyed the gift opening and I enjoyed all the wise cracks the siblings like to make about each other...some things never change! The group played outside and inside, with warmer weather it was a really pretty weekend.

We even found time to work in an evening snack...

The next day the siblings met at the house for a farewell to Dan, as he was heading back home to Laura.

Next,  lunch  at another favorite restaurant, Nantucket Grill. The one we went to was recently opened but oh so popular. A long wait and slower service than would have been preferable,but those is attendance stayed until the last spoonful.Even with a long trip ahead, in wonderful and typical good form, Scott and Erin opted to stay and share the fun with the lunch bunch!

Peter found a quiet spot under the table to play with Lightning McQueen and Filmore!

Happy Thirty One again, Scott...Loves Loves Loves from all your family!

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