Monday, March 1, 2010

Cher Bebe..Lily Our French Darling

Oh I have to admit it! I have a beautiful granddaughter that styles everything she wears! But nobody, I mean nobaby, wears a beret like Lily! This beret is actually just part of a sailor outfit I couldn't resist. But Lily makes the beret!...Take a peek!

Oh wait she is being bashful...hold on...she will style it! Wait it's coming.....

Lily...please show them your beret! Yep, Jackson, give her a nudge!

Back at attention Jackson! Thanks for the assistance!

Lily you are really styling that beret, but I have one question~

Who's Your Daddy? Does He Make You Smile?

I Love you Lily, mon cherie!


lisa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the commentary! Cannot wait to put her in the rest of the outfit!

Sush said...

Merci Beaucoup Lily's Ma Ma! I really do need to qualify the fact that the beautiful smile on Lily's face was given to her Ma Ma! Lisa coaxed the smile from her in two seconds!

Pop said...

Love both the beret and the big smile.....and of course Lily.