Monday, March 8, 2010

Finished Photo

Well thank you in a big way to my sister-in-law 'Aunt Beryl'!  She did send photos from the Sixty Sibling Birthday Weekend!  So now we have it documented not only in verse but in photographs. Thus Finished Photo as opposed to Photo Finished.

The photograph above is: on the right, the birthday boy, middle, his 'Sis'...Beryl and on the left older brother, Gene.  The picture below was taken in the 'dining area' looking out toward the screened in porch. Steve and Gene are probably waiting for the girls to get ready before venturing out on a tour of the arts and crafts trail.

So again, thanks to Beryl, we now have it documented in living color (or at least some pictorial proof), Steve and I really did go to Gatlinburg to meet up with his siblings and not run away to bathe in the sun on a nude beach in Cancun!

 AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I do hope my kids read that and go 'Puhlease someone put her in a nuthouse for us!'

So kudos to Beryl, and thanks again to all in attendance for a 'good time had by all'!

PS There was an additional picture but the camera must have been acting up...I was not looking my finest. As editor and author of this blog...I omitted it to protect my viewing public.

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