Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ladies Night...Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

For my non Cajun French speaking friends and family...before you correct the spelling in my title, read this~ laissez les bons temps rouler: Cajun expression for "let the good times roll": not used in proper French, and not generally understood by Francophones ...

Now that the boring explanation is over let's Roll the Good Times!

It was a night for celebration. The birthday girl, Laura, was ready to put on her party hat and celebrate. It was time again for 'me and my gang', to have some 'us' time. We went just around the corner but it felt worlds away from anything other than fun! 

What was important and special was connecting again with friends that have been friends for the majority of our adult lives. 

Yes, this is the group I shared with you before in the posting, You've Got To Have Friends.

We had another night of sharing, laughing and just letting go of troubles and concerns! In fact we like to start some trouble at times...! These are my Ya Ya's. Love, caring and fun, those are the words I think of when I think of these ladies.   

So it was a great night. A wonderful celebration and I am ready to do it again. Jeannette, I believe you said Cuban food for your birthday! Habla Espanol!
Loves to my gal pals!
Remember when...?

We weren't going to win any fashion awards, but after days of kids home from school for Snow one cared. Time to head over to get Laura and then away to
a n y where


elise MIGNON hoffman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sush said...

Oh Ms Fashionista...this was before I had money to spend on anything other than kids clothes, be it for snow or day to day. I actually have a sense of style, I am waiting to see what you put on after a few snow crazed days with children!
He who laughs last...

Pop said...

What a motley crew.......but this was not a fashion outing, it was an escape outing. Guess what poor suckers were left behind - you got it.....the husbands (and they were dressed to kill). Ha! Well, we all made it to tell another story about the great blizzards of North Carolina. As usual, I loved your posting and I love you.

Sush said...

Pop, I love you! And thank goodness for you or we might have had a story of tragic proportions to tell instead of a simple escape!

PS Elise removed her comment she made in reference to my choice of clothing. Good decision, Elise!
Love you both!

Jen said...

This is what good friendships are all about ... women who can love you in spite of your fashion choices, and then laugh with you years later when you wonder who the heck let you out of the house lookin' like that!

I'm glad y'all have each other.

Sush said... made me smile...and I'm so glad we have you in our lives!
And I know you would never make a fashion faux pas!