Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Scooter named Scott

From the moment he was born, Michael Scott  has been my battery charger. His solid, even tempered manner is so contagious. I know I can count on him for being there whenever anyone needs him. It could be as simple as reading a story to a nephew...

Or the very important role of Godfather to another~
Or as life changing as joining the Air Force and 'being there' for his country...
He is a man of many facets. 

On his wedding day, he is calm and quiet and nerves apparent while helping his Dad get ready. 
But ready to kick up his heels and boogie down when the moment calls for it!

Last year, Scott, you married the love of your life and gave us a new daughter to warm our hearts...

From the beginning I could see how happy the two of you made each other...and on your Wedding Day everyone in attendance was witness to a wonderful love~

 So my Scooter named Scott, I wish you the happiest of Birthdays, and I hope everyone has someone as wonderful as you in their lives. Continue on your life's journey, you have made it so interesting and fun to watch!

I love you, Mom


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Wow Mom, way to make everyone cry! Happy Birthday Scooter, I love you! -Googs

Laura Hoffman said...

I agree with Elise...that was very touching!!! Happy Birthday, Scott! :)

Erin H. said...

Haha made me tear up too!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Scott! :-) Love you all!

Sush said...

Meant every word and you,

Scott said...

Thanks Mom! I love you too!


Sush said...

Ha...didn't know you had commented Scoot! Love you and miss you!
Hugs today and always!