Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mystery Question

Let's stump the band! Well, not really the Band, but the family...

Who knows where this road leads? Not fair to scroll down to the bottom of the post before you finish reading and viewing in order. The blog author knows all...sees all!

OK here is another picture that may make it easier

But seriously? I am just giving this away!

Did you get it ? Does this help more? Or should I just come out and tell you?
Sally what do you think?

The old well ring any bells??? LOL I am a poet and oh how I know it!

So, for those who may not have guessed it. Or the next generation of readers that never were there...the answer is Cherry Valley Farm, Covington, GA. The working farm, 150 acres total, of Bet and Mac. Or if I were to use their 'given' names. Elizabeth Ann  and George Porter. (Last names intentionally omitted by the author.)My maternal grandparents.
 I use the term working farm loosely. They had cows and a bull...Mike the Bull. Remember feeding 'Baby' the calf a bottle? I do. And then there were those walks up to the RR tracks and putting a penny on the track? We would dash back down the hill and watch the train go by. After the train passed we would run up the hill and be oh so excited when we found them smooshed flat in the gravel by the tracks.When our visits were the same as his we would go riding in the jeep with Uncle Caulk, my Mom's brother. We all belted out 'The Old Gray Mare'!

After Mac died, Gramma had the farm turned into a tree farm. The first three pictures are from the tree farm days. Tall pines growing densely on property that was once so open you could see forever. The state would harvest what they needed and then plant more to replenish the crop. Very good business for Bet her daughter, my Mom worked out. They leased the land to hunters during hunting season and Bet kept an orange vest to wear if you wondered very far from the house.

When I went to school in Atlanta, Bet would come get me some Fridays so I could spend the weekend with her. Covington was about 45 minutes away from Atlanta back then. I have no idea how long it takes to get there now.  Remember Alcovey Road? That was the road you turned onto before turning onto their property. Anyway, when Bet would rescue me from school we would stop in Atlanta and she would pick out cookies and other deli delights for the weekend. I'm afraid Bet knew as much about cooking as my Mom. Umm, probably less...Gramma, my mom, could broil a steak and make fricasse chicken and potato salad that was out of this world!

The picture of Sally and Bet is back when it was a farm with cows, and horses (two). Thunder and Lightning were their names. Well, maybe not original but cool sounding to kids! 
There was a watering pond for the cows and horses. On some Sundays one of the local Churches would use the pond for baptisms. All together now, ewwwwww! 

Mac's brother Donald, and his wife Aunt Gertruda, lived not far away in Milledgeville, GA. Uncle Donald was retired then, but he had been President of  Emory University in Milledgeville. They referred to it in Atlanta as Little Emory! Each summer  visit to Bet and Mac  included a Milledgville visit at least once and sometimes more. They had a friend, an elderly lady we would visit at the same time. Her name was Miss Thankful. How Southern can you get? I do believe she was blind, but I may be remembering some other friend of thiers. Siblings in the know feel free to correct me in the comment department.

I guess I should have told my dear readers from the beginning that Mac and Bet retired to Covington, GA. They lived in Grosse Pointe, Michigan up until their retirement. Bet's sisters and brothers were still in Grosse Pointe.

So here's to the first to click in with the right answer. Your prize is a functioning brain. Not all of us are so lucky!

From Bet's lips to your ears...

Loves, Loves, Loves

or as many in New Orleans would say
 My hand to Gawd!


Pop said...

That was a very interesting posting. My friend and I drove all night from LSU in the pouring rain to get to Cherry Valley farm for a weekend visit. The house was really cozy and the bed was soft as could be. Bet was the perfect host and Susie and I had a wonderful visit. Loves, Loves, Loves,
Mr. Wonderfulhoff

Sush said...

YAY! You won the prize and so did I...YOU, Mr Wonderful with the functioning brain...most days!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the day we were all in the baby pool right outside of the side porch, and a ball of lightning came right out of the clear blue sky, down the tree, hopped to the house, and blew all the electricity? It's a wonder we weren't all fried! Loves, loves, loves, Lee

Anonymous said...

Lee says without cheating, yes, I immediately said right out loud "THAT HAS TO BE THE ROAD TO CHERRY VALLEY FARM!" although before the tree farm took over, the pastures were so wide open you could see the house from Alcovey Road. And poor Baby the calf went on to market and the next summer Mac had a heck of a time explaining that one - can you say "veal chops?"

Sush said...

I really could have gone on and on about Cherry Valley Experiences...Dancing on the window seat. Wasn't it at Miss Thankful's house or was it Uncle Donald's house we were sleeping in the bed that was so high we couldn't climb in and out of it? I just remember sitting on the floor in tears until a grown up came and helped me back in the bed. AWWWWWW....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you should do a whole blog about Cherry Valley Farm and all the zillions of presents back and forth with cherries on them (look at Mom's 70th birthday photo opening Aunt Lee's gift basket - Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies, placemats with cherries on them, ART at Christmas, etc.) We should all send you some memories and let you blog it! Lee

Sush said...

I keep hoping to see you as an O-fficial Follower. I will remain content with you as an O-fficial Commenter if not Follower. Patient and hopeful sister....and was it Uncle Donald's house I couldn't get back in the bed or another relative's?
Sush the Great