Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh how I tried...

Oh how I've tried, I really really tried. Three days straight of trying to get Lily's video up. That video just does not want to load. Now I am just going to have to get that precious baby back over here and make myself a new video to upload. The trials and tribulations of Sush. 
Actually any excuse to invite Lily over to play can't be so bad, now can it? 

So Lily, I know we can do this...get a video of you up and running on Sush's 'blob', but it is going to take another round of 'smile Lily'...are you ready for that?

I love you a bushel and a Lily!


lisa said...

I am sure that Lily would be glad to show off her gummy little grin for the camera.

Sush said...

That gummy little grin should win an award for cuteness and beauty!