Thursday, April 8, 2010


There is an expression, "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree". It very often is used as an example of how a child's behavior mirrors or mimics that of a parent or parents. Or the idiosyncrasies of families may be passed along. Whatever...I think you get my gist.
I choose to use it to show how Elise and I not only resemble each other in looks but also give you some tales of how we are Apple/Tree in our characteristics. Lots of times in all honesty, we are Cat/Dog, as is often the way of mother-daughter relationships.

Elise and I as 'Young Uns' as the expression goes in North Cackalacky...looked fairly Apple/Tree. I will say I think Elise benefitted from a better hair salon than I. Not sure if the bangs I had were Chez Peckie or not, but I know Elise started out at Total Hair Salon at age two and has been there ever since. 

Now this next set of pictures remains Apple/Tree. Perhaps, Elise started out younger than I with the tongue sticking out. Perhaps, I matured late? I doubt it as I was a Freshman at LSU and I am sure Elise had that same expression a time or two at UNC-G. Still, we remain...Apple/Tree

These pictures are really in the class of now and then but they are so cute of Elise I had to include them:

I guess it is a form of Apple/Tree...only the same apple and tree, i.e. now and then!

Another way we are alike. I spent one semester at the Institute of Interior Design before the school president ran off with the funds for the school. Daddy wisely decided he wasn't going to re-invest another semester of his money. And anyway Steve proposed and I accepted!  Several years later I had been accepted to Meredith College to go back for a degree in Interior Design when I found out I was pregnant with Elise. Door closed.
Elise has dreamed of being a designer since she was five and is now going to graduate with a degree in Interior Architecture from UNC-G on May 14, 2010. Daughter completes Mother's dream?What is important is I know she is completing her dream!


    We are also alike in that it is all about the clothes and hair.

Dorians Carnival Ball...Tableaux Princess
Winter Fest

Daniel and Laura's Richmond BBQ Shower

I do believe I started Elise somewhat young on the clothes thing. Maybe I was starving by then for it to be more about the clothes than the sport? (Her brothers' idea of fun was to put their athletic protective cup on the back car dash and wait to see how long before I noticed!) Definitely Rotten Apples! 
 This was Elise in her softball uniform with the bunny jacket to keep warm. A far cry from her brothers' idea of fun! Does it rescue me from Peta Pushers in that her jacket was a hand me down? It does give a picture image to the song, 'Bye Baby Bunting'...
A cautionary tale...or would it be tails? Oh please don't tell the grandkids!
Winter Formal DBS This fluffy wrap is Peta approved... ostrich feathers...

Elise found this picture of me with Steve, Jr when he was a baby and I had to do a double take, I thought I was Elise. This was sans blonde hair for me. That is another posting, the many shades of Susie's hair!

Anyway look at the two of us in these pictures:
Is it Live?

Or is it Memorex?

Here is a photo of Elise in a way we are really not alike...Cat/Dog. She uses tools. She can build things. I have no interest or ability...
Elise working on her summer studio...Urban Studio building My Sister's House a home for teenage Mothers and their Babies 

I love to garden, when possible. Elise would rather have bamboo under her nails than plant it!  Plants are  backdrops for pictures as far as Elise is concerned...

I like to think she would have been his better date for Sr Prom
Elise, want to go to Lowe's to look for bedding plants...hey where you going?
Elise dashing off on her new toy...Roxie, the Beach Cruiser

Here we have some more Apple/Tree pictures:

Elise loves babies and do I

And in reviewing my photo album I found a branch of the tree that seems to have the clothes thing beginning to bud...maybe apple/cousin/branch, Emily?
Bill and Emily Dune Allen Bch, The Tradition Continues

But the connection that bonds us then: 

And now:

and always~


Doesn't matter if it is Cat/Dog or Apple/Tree

Loves, Loves, Loves

PS I'm looking forward to enjoying another Apple/Tree...Mother/Daughter combination...
Lily and Lisa Easter 2010


Laura said...

This is awesome!!!! I love this post...the pictures are so cute and so is the comentary. Love it :)

Sush said...

@Laura...Thanks...I have to admit it was a fun one to write! Bet you could do a fun one yourself! Maybe for Mother's Day?

lisa said...

Love the post...and what a wonderful idea you mentioned to Laura...might have to go stirring up some old photos!

Sush said...

@Lisa...I can't wait to see what you girls will do! It truly is a wonderfully creative outlet blogging is, isn't it?
And I really am going to love my ringside seat with you and Lily's Apple/Tree...Cat/Dog. The circle of life!

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Mom this is really cute! We are so much alike in most ways but we do still have our own quirks. ;) Thank you for being such a wonderful role model, and thank you for the sweet post! Love you :)