Monday, April 19, 2010

The House That Built Me...

I heard Miranda Lambert sing a new song of hers last night on the CMA's. Yes, I do listen to country music...and so??? I like a wide variety of music, but I digress. The song she sang has parts that spoke to me.

    "I know they say you can't go back home again...

    Ma'am I know you don't know me from Adam
    But these handprints on the front steps are mine...

    Plans were drawn and concrete poured
    And nail by nail and board by board
    Daddy gave life to Mama's dream...

    You leave home, You move on
       And you do the best you can....

    ... If I could walk around, I swear I'll leave
      Won't take nothing but a memory


I think I was trying to say something like that in my previous post. Our house was where our pieces seemed to always fit. I could go out in the world and be a different person to different people, but when I came home I could find me. All the pieces of me. I could be the sister, the daughter, the girl trying to find herself. And it was okay.

I was talking with Elise about 5910 and she said it was a place that was magical to her too. That there was just something about that house that was magical. I like to believe it was the love that was in the home that helped everyone feel accepted and safe.

I haven't forgotten that there were some hum-dingers of squabbles and actual times where blood was drawn. Times when teenagers were at odds in major ways with their parents. But, I do believe that bottom line, we all knew we were loved and safe within the walls of 5910. I guess I will always look at that house as my safe welcomed me home no matter the age, no matter who I returned home with. My husband and children and, if I had grandchildren when it was still a part of our family, I like to feel they would have felt happy and secure there too!

It's not that I want to go home again. Heaven knows I have led a beautifully charmed life here. Nail by nail and board by board Steve has built my dream. I know that we are doing what Mom wanted for us as Aimee so eloquently phrased it in her comments in the previous posting. I am happy, content and very thankful for all I have since I left 5910. But I will always love growing up there and miss the parents who raised and loved us. I don't wish for time to turn back...I am enjoying my journey.

Yet for all that it was and all that I still feel about it...
I loved... and will take away the memories of, The House That Built Me...

And I love all those that lived there and returned there with me.

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lisa said...

I know this house has always meant a lot to Tim and he has shared many memories with me about 5910.

Whenever we talk about our "dream house" it always has a long sunroom :)