Friday, April 30, 2010

It Seems To Me...Elisabeth!

Hello Birthday girl...yes the sweet young lady with the big balloon! It seems to me, it's your turn to be Queen for a Day! You get treated to more than a balloon...a posting devoted completely about YOU! Are you Reaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyy???
You were another lucky cousin attending weddings at an early age! It seems to me someone parked you with the elderly Aunts. It seems to me I'm not far from being called an 'elderly aunt'! OH NO!!!

I know you were wishing you were hanging out with the cooler set...hey I just happen to have some pictures where you were the Belle of the Ball...the only girl in the group! Here...see...oh well, there was one other girl in the group, but, It seems to me..she wasn't willing to get down on the floor and play! 

Point of fact, it seems to me that for a while in this family you were the 'Only Girl In Town' for your male cousins. 
I am looking at all the laps and the only pink bundle is you and no pink outfits under the age of twenty are standing! How adorable, I was so envious your Mom had a baby girl and could pick out clothes with frills! You two bonded from the start, it was so much fun to watch the love reflected between you in each others eyes, or so it seems to me!
But weddings weren't the only game in town! Do you remember one of the day trips to end all day trips? The big day trip to Washington, DC? Even then your Dad was a great guide for our nation's capitol! Did you think then you would be returning for a wedding for your cousin Scott??? I do remember watching you all run up and down the bank of the Potomac River. We did have some fun times!
It seems to me...
We managed to travel to you a time or two...front and center Elisabeth! Oh, you already are! Thank you missy!
I love that the captioning Elise had under this picture she sent to me reads, 'Family Shot at Bar in NO' ! I do believe this is how the Irish do funerals...and we know this is how it is done in New Orleans! Is that how It seems to You?

We did all travel to Florida for your Grandparents Fiftieth Anniversary...that was fun...It seems...
And back to the most recent way we seem to visit...Weddings...and

Rehearsal Dinners...and of course, more...

Weddings! Elisabeth, It seems to me, that Uncle Jack....??? Oh wait different story, different day...LOL!!!
I've watched you grow...and loved every minute of it!
Whenever you spend your time with the family, you make us all happy. You have a very thoughtful way of making each one of us feel special and appreciated. Or so It seems to me!

So from the entire family...Happy Birthday...have a great Day! You are the sunshine in our day...We all love you a Bushel and A 'Peck' And A Hug Around The Neck!
Or so, it seems to me...
Loves, Loves, Loves
Aunt Susie


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!! Love you, miss you, and have a wonderful birthday!!!

-Great post Mom! :)

Anonymous said...

Your Oldest Cousin on your Mom's side

lisa said...

Happy Birthday!
Lisa, Tim, and Lily

I guess the tradition of celebrating weddings in the stroller just keeps on going...

亭忠 said...
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roh0218_g said...
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Sush said...

@roh0218_g I can't leave comments on I don't know what they say..sorry...but I have friends and family reading this.