Friday, April 23, 2010

The Marshmallow Test/Failed

...a woman reproduces Walter Mischel's famous experiment looking at a preschooler's ability to delay gratification in order to receive a larger reward. In Mischel's experiment, he found that children who could delay gratification and wait for the second marshmallow were considered "more dependable" later as adolescents and generally scored higher on the SATs. Mischel and colleagues also found a relationship between seconds of delay of gratification and scores of ability to deal with stress and frustration.

Well I would have flunked the marshmallow test. I don't know if any of you saw it on the news the other night but the explanation is self explanatory. You can watch a video of the kids on You Tube if you want to see it in detail. 

I found out the car was ready Thursday and I just couldn't 'delay gratification'! I reached for my 'marshmallow', and Elise and I drove out to the dealership and picked up the CR-V! And oh baby what a sweet marshmallow!!!

The dealership is close to Steve and Terri's house so, Elise drove it to their neighborhood. The traffic before you get to their neighborhood was six o'clock I-40 busy. I am not a bold young woman these days and Elise was all over getting a chance to drive! Once we got to the neighborhood we switched so I could drive up the street. And I honked and waved out my moon roof at everyone in their cul-de-sac! Trey got a big grin and Peter didn't know who it was at first. 

Peter is a car connoisseur and once he realized it was Elise and I he was very willing to explore 'Sush's new hot rod'! He calls all of our cars 'hot rods'. I think he got that from his Pop! Peter had great fun climbing up his Mom and looking out the moon roof. Trey peeked in but was very busy shooting basketballs. As it was dinnertime we spent a few minutes longer showing off the wheels and then went on our merry marshmallow way.

I actually gathered my courage and drove home from Steve and Terri's house. On I-40 and then 540, and YES, I expect a lot of 'wow, what courage' coming my way! Once, I got over my initial trepidation, I had sooooo much fun! Of course I do believe every car we passed or that passed us was ooohhhing and aaahhhing at my buggy!

I took a spin down Tim and Lisa's street but it was obvious they were entertaining. Another day another time we will be sharing the marshmallow with Lily and her parents.

We drove home and Pop hopped in the driver's seat and took us on another spin around town. We picked up dinner, ate a quick repast and then Elise wanted another turn at the wheel. Fine with me as I don't like to drive at night due to poor night vision. And off we went! Me and my gal...wind blowing in our hair, actually able to see the moon from the moon roof view!!! 

Pop opted out of the outing, but has offered to take the car to work tomorrow if I feel like driving it is too challenging. NOT!

Anyway, we have the new wheels. We love the new wheels! Keep an eye out,for a sassy brown marshmallow of a CR-V.  I just might be in your neighborhood, waving to you from the moon roof! Beep Beep!

If we stop long enough today for pictures...they will be added later!

Gotta get some shut eye so I can be ready for Sush's new hot rod!


BTW...I love marshmallows, so why wait????


Erin H. said...

So exciting! I can't wait go go for a spin in your new ride! Miss you! XOXO :-)

Sush said...

@Erin...Oh I miss you TONS...and when u get here we will definitely go for a spin! xoxo

Lee said...

Mom and I wondered if that was your new ride ... it's lovely!!! CONGRATULATIONS.

Sush said...

@Lee...You are invited for a ride and luncheon in my new ride next time you are in town! Invite includes your Mom, Katie, Laura and anyone else in the S.Family entourage!