Friday, April 2, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Aimee Dad and Patsy...Beach Worthy!
OH MANNNNNNNN...I have been reviewing the photos I've scanned so far into my sweet little companion Bebe Mac. And I have come to the conclusion that once upon a time the female sibs were all slender and beach beauty worthy. 
Lee...Beach Worthy!

To take a phrase from one of Cher's songs...which in and of itself dates me even more...'If I Could Turn Back Time!' Dang gurls...this is so depressing. 

Surfer Girl...need to get back to here!
I wanna be where I was and then I remember that when I was there I still thought I was overweight. Curses, I tell you!
Why is it that women are never happy with their weight. I could do an entire montage of photos where I would be happy to look like any one of those stages in my weight and yet I wasn't at the time. Silly me. Now I have another long journey to get to a beach worthy point. I will begin this journey...I promise...right after Easter!
PS Sally you were always beach's just you must have been in the mountains during these photo here's your beach worthy body, just not on a!
So you had to have a flat stomach did you?


Jen said...

Funny - I was just saying to mom tonight how great you looked today! The longer hair & uber-stylish glasses look fantastic!

Why can't we women look in the mirror and think "Damn, I look good today!"

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

I agree Jen! Mom, you can ride Roxie anytime you want... a beach cruiser must have some connection to a beach worthy body, Right?!!!! haha

PS Jen you are welcome to follow my blog as well ;)

Sush said...

What can I say but I love you girls...and thank you for your so very kind words!
PS Jen your boys are B E A U T I F U L! I came home and told Steve and Elise how delightful and smart Jay is and what a cuddle bug Luke is. You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

Well on certain days I assume I could look 20 again... and then I wake up... Thanks for the memories Susie xoxo Lee