Wednesday, April 21, 2010


EEEEEEKKKKKKK We Did It! We finally, finally, finaaalllyyyy bought a new car! We usually rush out and buy a new car every ten years or so. It has now been twelve years since we last purchased a new car. I guess we were due! Takes a while to save up.  Oh! It is so pretty and neat and just...WOW

Elise's 'Blue Bug' is close to checking out and she needs a vehicle to use until she has worked a tad and is able to purchase one of her own.  So, really we had no other choice than to go ahead and take the plunge. We are trading the bug in. Elise inherits temporarily my 'Mom Car', the wagon. Can you guess how thrilled she is to drive the 'Mom Car'? 
Well...maybe her reaction isn't quite like that...

Pop is buying Steve Jr's 2009 Ford Fusion when he gets his 2010 Fusion later this month or the beginning of May. 

What you may ask will Sush be driving??? Why a brand new...bring her on down folks, 
Honda CR-V EX! 

We will be picking it up on Friday, they are putting some spit and polish on our rubber baby bumper buggy, along with the towing hitch Steve negotiated! Now we don't have a boat or a trailer but one never knows when we just might be in the need for a towing hitch! I was pretty amazed to see Mr Wonderful in full negotiating mode, the man was fantastic

The color is called Urban Titanium Metallic...a fancy way of saying a light metallic brown. The interior is tan and it has a MOON ROOF!!! I can open it up and feel the breeze blowing my baby fine hair all over the place! How cool is that?

Sadly, it's time to say good bye to the Blue Bug! You served us well...

Peter...Sush has a new hot rod! Wanna go for a ride??? How about it Trey, Lily?There is plenty of room for all my beautiful grandchildren and their car seats! Peter, I think you can kick your feet to the 'Saints Are Coming' and not get your feet stuck! Hop in my car???

Did I put enough words in itallics for you to tell how happy and excited I am???

PS: Steve Sr, You Da Bomb!


Pop said...

Back at you. I'm ready to take some road trips and feel the wind rush through my hair...kinda! Love you.


Laura Hoffman said...

Oh my gosh, HOW EXCITING!!!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!! There is not much better than a brand stinkin' new car...the new smell...the cleanliness...ahhh...soo wonderful. :) Have fun!

Sush said...

I KNOW I KNOW I I just have to be a big girl and wait for Friday, sigh.
PS Can't wait to come visit in my new buggy and help you guys haul things to your NEW HOUSE!!!
xoxox Susie

Sush said...

@ Pop
I think a road trip in our new buggy sounds grand! Can we make it to Hawaii?
xoxox Sush

lisa said...

AWESOME! I love the new wheels.

Can I hitch a ride to Hawaii?

Sush said...

After Friday evening...Your chariot awaits! Perhaps with water wings! ; )

Scott said...

Mom, very exciting! Can't wait to see it.

Jen said...

So exciting! I love my 2008 CR-V *almost* as much as I loved my 1983 Civic. Almost. :-)
The best part is that you can change diapers on the shelf in the back!

Anonymous said...

Right now! Are we there yet! Susie this is so fun! Just don't mess up Steve's hair... that was hilarious Steve! xoxo Aunt Lee

Sush said...

@Jen...Won't be no diaper changing in this car...I served my time! But good to know for anyone else in the family thinking of getting one...!!! And we got it today and I WANT TO GO DRIVE IT AGAIN!

Sush said...

@Lee Oh man he had the wind blowin' and the music blarin' and we were having too too too much fun! xoxox

Sush said...

@ Scott
Come on down...can't wait to let your drive my buggy! And most of all can't wait to see you and Erin!