Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say Soccer Ball...Trey!

Last Sunday we had a real treat! We headed out towards the land of the Blue Universities...UNC and Dooke and watched Trey play soccer. I spotted my son and grandson right away! Steve, Jr is not in the above photo he was next to me. Trey is out on the field of course! I have been told the coach's nickname for him is Iron Man. Always eager to stay and play in the game!
I love watching this age group play soccer. They are so eager and quick on the field! Trey has really advanced from his first season with soccer. He has a big kick...almost scored a goal with one big kick...just went outside the goal, shucks!

Water breaks are always a good time! My opportunity for close up pictures and some hugs from my favorite soccer star! Pop loves to get in on the action too! 
A quick smile, the whistle blows and Trey is off, smack in the middle of the action!
Protecting the goal...and of course...

Just waiting for his chance to get his defensive shot to send it back to his goal! Yay, Trey! 

We topped off the evening at one of our favorite eating establishments near the Steve, Jr household. It has a nice outside seating area and we were able to visit and enjoy the end to a wonderful afternoon!
And I just happened to bring my grandsons' carseats so Peter and Trey could ride in Sush's new hot rod! How was it guys? We even pulled down my 'monkey mirror' so I could see my two monkeys...well Aunt E was in the back seat too, so make it three monkeys in the back seat!
Thanks for a wonderful Sunday, kiddos and kidlets...see you soon! 
And Trey, I love to watch you play soccer! You are a very caring and hardworking athlete! Yay, Trey!!! Peter, won't be long and you'll be running and playing on the soccer field!

Loves, Loves, Loves,
Sush The Great!


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Trey is a soccer star! It was so much fun watching him play, I loved cheering him on (yeah I was the loud and proud aunt)! Great post Mom, the pictures are just too cute! Trey even blew up a fist pound during a water break with me... he's the best! Last weekend was a lot of fun! :)

Sush said...

Yes I would agree...Trey is a soccer star! And he is a wonderful grandson...I love you Trey! xoxox Fist pound and all!