Thursday, May 27, 2010

A word of appreciation...and Birthday Wishes

My sister-in-law is long over due a word of appreciation. That said, I will now put quite a few words of appreciation in this posting.
Mary Cynthia met my brother when they were very young. I won't go into specifics but lets just say she has been a part of this family for a very long time. In that time, a lovely young girl, an only child, was thrown in with a wild and crazy very large family. 
Did I mention the fact that my brother is the only boy in a family of six children? Yes, so that would be five sisters she got to meet and try to figure out. And we can be a handful...,or so I've been told.
 And did I mention that she is the mother of twins? Two beautiful teenagers! 
With all this, Mary Cynthia has managed to be sure that someone in their family is present for all my sons weddings. 

 Even when Bill is tied up with work or some other activity, Mary Cynthia will represent! And she will bring my beautiful niece and handsome nephew if they are footloose and fancy free.

Doesn't have to be a wedding... Mary Cynthia made sure they were there for someone's 60th birthday celebration, Lee?

Or another sister-in-law's college graduation...I'm not sure if it was the second or third degree for Patsy this time...or if it was undergraduate or a Masters we were celebrating!
I know they try and get together with the Texas part of the family as often as possible...(even though this photograph looks suspiciously like SYC)!

And Mary Cynthia and Bill are great at hosting any family members that show up for the JDF walk...

I am late in posting a birthday greeting to this very special and wonderful family member. My computer had a breakdown, perhaps it was protesting all my pounding of the keys? Anyway, I did not forget your birthday Mary Cynthia. I have been busy getting the photos back up so thank you for being a wonderful wife, mother and most special to me, sister-in-law!
Happy belated birthday and Loves, Loves, Loves!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Done, done, done, done and DONE

Okay, here we go, the last one graduated from college! Yowzer! Five children; done. Five graduated high school; done. Five graduated college...wait for it, yep, it's coming...DONE!!! It's hard to believe we are finally finished with college for all the kids. Whew! And they all did it in fine style! So yes, it is DONE, academically. Any further education, let me know how that works for you! Seriously? Oh yeah, seriously!

Now for the fun part, below are some of the pictures from Graduation, Parts One and Two. Part One was Elise's Departmental Graduation. It was held in a  campus gym on Thursday. Part Two, the graduation ceremony all her sibs were present for was the entire UNC-G ceremony, held at Greensboro Coliseum, the next day, Friday.

First, we dropped Elise off at her friend Lauren's apartment. Lauren and Elise started posing at an early hour! 
Another friend from her program was there, Ashley. Ashley among others of Elise's good friends graduate in December. Elise, and some of her friends managed to finished the five year program in four years. Bless her heart!

Elise arrived with her friends and was able to get a group shot with her pals, inside the facility before the ceremony started!
L-R: Lauren, Elise, Renee, Kelsey, Amy, don't they look like future famous designers?
And a shot of the entire group of fellow departmental graduates:
We entered the Gymnasium where the Departmental Graduation was held at the very top. I believe the idea was to work your way down to the lower seats...I chose to go down as few steps as possible.
 Hopefully my zoom on the camera helped...!
Ahh...Elise is spotted in the crowd!
Mom has spotted her target and the camera starts a rollin'!

Enough of the crowd, let's see the girl walk across the stage!

And then a hug from her professors...
And after it was time for some photos with her gang of graduates. Renee, Kelsey and Amy!
We drove over to the scene of the crime...the Interior Architecture and Design Department Building. Elise's graduating class was the first class to start the program in that building. It was a brand spanking new building! I was impressed when we toured the new facility.
So, we did a shot sans cap and gown...I mean, really isn't it all about the clothes?
Okay, back to posing in the caps and gowns at the Studio Building...

We finished up the day by meeting with Daniel for dinner. He had driven in after work from his hometown. After dinner and ice cream for dessert, we drove back to the hotel. Elise and Dan stayed at her apartment, and late in the night Scott and Erin arrived at the hotel after their long, long drive so they could be in attendance for the UNC-G university graduation the next day.

Graduation Part Two:
This was held in the Greensboro Coliseum. 
Large crowd at the Coliseum...but seating was easier to reach and plenty of room for all! Here we go,waiting on the graduates...
Now it's filling up....
And the scanning of  the crowd starts in earnest...oh, I see you! Do you see me?

Yay! She found us!
In the next picture it is Elise and her roommate, Kim. It was a very good year for those two. Having a roommate that is in your program is fun and convenient when projects are due.
Below is another group shot with friends...if you look at the fellow in the picture, and then at the next shot, I am told Michael was having a hard time staying awake. 

And then it was the cell phone magic routine...where are you? Which level? What ramp? Great, we'll meet you there!
A more traditional shot with Mom and Dad...but why after being sure to wear contact lenses did Mom keep her sunglasses on her head? Sheesh!
Erin travelled all that way to celebrate her new sister's graduation...and we love her so!
One more shot of my gang and I'm off to compose more postings...this girl has her keys back and some photos reloaded. I'm behind on some important birthday postings and grandchildren celebrations. Look out...! But give me a few days we're still celebrating!
Oh, by the way, giving credit where credit is due, Erin and Scott gave Elise the bouquet. She was thrilled and it was placed in a vase and lasted a week! Her parents gave her one the day before but they didn't make the photographs! You will have to imagine how pretty her roses were!
One more thing...Yay Elise! We are all so proud of you! Loves, from everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Graduate....

Nope, this isn't going to be a Dustin Hoffman is all about 'Our' graduate...Elise. So kick back, put your feet up and enjoy...
My how time flies when you are having was just yesterday, I know it was! You were very carefully taking your first snow steps and your first sleigh ride with Daddy. 

I was taking you on your first plane what if you threw up before we even took off! I got that flight attendant over as quick as you can say AIR SICKNESS BAG! 

We were listening to you say, "Oh Boys?" when it was time to head down the stairs...and your princes were summoned, ever willing and ready to help!

Then you were going off to Nursery School...sweet baby girl...
I got used to this...I even was ready when you went to Kindergarten...
You broke my heart that day...all brave when they didn't let Mom take you in. I finally had enough when I saw they DID NOT have the adults posted along the way to your classroom to help show the way. I told Dad that's it, "I'm going in...!" After I finished escorting you to your classroom, I gave the Principal an earful! Don't make promises you don't plan on keeping, Mothers and their children are not to be messed with!
But Kindergarten was a happy time for loved that rainbow umbrella!

I think you may have been the youngest person attending a UNC homecoming the year you were five! Terri let you stay in her dorm room and you had a wonderful weekend with her and Steve. I think somehow they managed to tactfully explain why, "Is that guy sleeping on the car in the middle of the day?" Either way, you and Terri had fun playing Fishy Face...

And as fast as you can Blink! You were in High School...and it was E-Unit and Volleyball and wild room...can we say orange???? Glow in the window???

Oh how exciting...a nephew, the first...and so lucky to be adored by his Aunt E!

And then it was High School Graduation for my girl...where did those four years go? Why I guess they went as fast as the last four years...???
Not that you hadn't been going to SHS graduations forever...

Moving on...High School Graduation...Check! 

College...bring it on!

You had an early acceptance to UNC-G's Interior Architecture Department, all we needed to know was who was your Pot Luck roommate going to be? Ahh...Dana...of the Dancing Feet! That was the year of the dormitory. One year of fun living in the dorm and it was off to the first apartment...

Big apartment complex living was not your thing so it was on to another apartment with Dana...
You purchased, along with some help from Mom and Dad, some very nice furniture. What wasn't purchased was refinished and made to look new! Not bad for college apartment living, if I do say so...and I do!

You had to travel down tobacco road for football, UNC-G although still undefeated, wasn't much on games! As in they didn't have a football team!
But where you lived and with whom wasn't the main reason for college, now was it? You had Studio....and all your IARC pals...Moments of inspired creativity along with some creative craziness!
I think Renee is ignoring you, Elise...
Are you making faces because of the project and lack of sleep or is it just coffee overload?

Halloween seemed to bring out some fun times and crazy costumes for all of you...
You and Renee seemed to always find the fun...
Ummm I believe you may have been underage here??? Just wondering??? I'm sure Batey was looking out for you!
Now was this before or after you and Kim became roommates? Kim was a super fun roommate and an IARC companion in crime!
Elise and Amy...always having fun and always looking out for each is our soon to be Bride doing???
Did I hear right? Kelsey is off to Texas??? Wow! These IARC girls are travelling ladies!
And once your 'other' brother, Joel, started Law School, you even got to hang out with him now and then. Nice for Mom to know you had someone watching out for you!
After all the graduations, High School and College you have attended for your's now your time to shine! So....
Break out the sparklers Mon Bebe.... 
It's time we all stand in line for you....
Momma's gonna watch her baby girl spread those wings and fly!

Congratulations....Graduate! I love you and am so proud of you!!!

PS Stay tuned for the Big Show Graduation Pictures forthcoming, as soon as I get MY computer up and running or a new one whichever the case may be. Got To Have My Keys!!!