Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Born...

Happy Birthday Stephen George, Jr.! I always found it so fitting that for the birth of my first child I went into labor on Mother's Day. Not one to rush things even then, you were born the day after. You were one week old in this picture...and Daddy had his namesake in his arms, you were heaven sent...! Daddy was twenty five and I was, twenty four...hmm, did I really admit that?
I remember it all as if it was yesterday. All the preparing, birthing courses, parenting courses. Gramma had the family heirloom bassinet redone. You were the first grandbaby on my side of the family. What excitement your arrival brought! And look, way back then we put babies on their tummies to sleep...times change, don't they?
 Thirty five years ago. Wow! How do I have a son older than my twenty-nine years, and holding? What joy you have given us in those thirty five years!
In the picture above you were all of seven weeks. You sure did put smiles on our faces!
 Daddy finally shaved off that moustache...I think you both look so very handsome!

Way back then we christened babies a lot were the ripe old age of seven weeks. And that was 'waiting' to christen a baby. Your pediatrician said it would be best to wait until you were at least six weeks old. So you were christened at seven weeks just to be on the safe side! 
You were the first to start the tradition of being christened in Pa Pa Daddy's handmade gown. Look how proud he is of his grandson. It's hard to believe that both of you were small enough to wear that same gown.
Now, both of your sons have been christened in it. Traditions, how we love them.
Proud Godparents, Aunt Patsy and Uncle Greg flanking your adoring Mom and Dad! Granny H and Grams C are off to the sides. You were blessed to have your Great-grandmothers at your Christening.

Then the years flew fast and furious...Halloweens on Egret Street...

Sleeping buddies....
Sometimes you just need a hug, no matter how old!

You grew older and the family grew larger! Scott, Timmy and Stevie
Daddy and Daniel, Steve, Jr, Timmy and Scott.
Oh my goodness, it's off to school! You were a great comfort to your siblings when it was the first day of school. Daddy always went in late on his kids first day of school. This was a very important day and he didn't want to miss a minute of the excitement. Grams would make sure to be up and peeking out her kitchen window so she could see you all troop down the street!
Always the energetic helper, you were doing that French thing with the grass in New Orleans at an early age...Mow de Lawn!
Finally, you were able to not dress for Halloween! Your favorite holiday and you were now delegated to passing out candy...aww shucks! The family grew mon cher! Our move to NC brought more than the ACC! Now it was a sister in the clan!

And another Great Gramma was present in your early life, 'Bet'! She loved her great grandchildren. Bet is the family member that brought us all Loves, Loves, Loves!
Baseball was a love in your sports life...can we say State Final playoffs???

And then there were your grandparents...Dancing with Gramma!
Celebrating your graduation from UNC with Maw Maw and Paw Paw. 

Celebrating your Rehearsal Dinner with Pa Pa Daddy. He felt so special that night, and it was you, your siblings and cousins that made him feel that way. You all touched my heart that night as well as his...

The UNC years, you and Terri found each other and your love for one another at UNC. We knew she was a sweetie and going to make you very happy. 
 Any girl that knows to celebrate a birthday for more than a day is just my style!

And you DO know how to celebrate! You and Tim had some kind of fun at Cafe Du Monde...who knew those two sleeping brothers would end up looking like this???
And ever the thoughtful brothers you and your brothers minus a sleeping Scott brought Elise to Pat O'Brien's to celebrate her twenty first birthday! Like I said, you know how to celebrate!

Now you are a Father and have a wonderful, beautiful family of your own. What a great Dad you are...

Two sweet sons each wearing the same Christening outfit as you..hand sewn by Grams for your Grandfather. A very special family heirloom, indeed! Almost as special as the babies it clothed!
Beaches played a big part in our lives! You were always ready to head to the ocean. Now you are passing along the love of the surf and sand to your boys...hi Trey!

Hi Peter!
It's almost time to hit the beaches again!

So now, once again your birthday...
You have different helpers to open presents for you...

 New Orleans baby...
Happy Birthday Steve-O! I'll love you forever...Mom


Laura Hoffman said...

Oh my goodness, this is an awesome post!!!!! I love the stories of Steve and the pictures!!! So wonderful! Can't wait to see you all this weekend...Happy Birthday, Steve!

lisa said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

I especially love all the pictures of the boys when they were little!


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Happy Birthday Stevie!! You are a great big brother and of course a great dad! Hope today is wonderful and special, you deserve it!

Great posting, Mom. The pictures definitely were key!

Sush said...

@ Laura and Lisa...thanks, I guess you can tell I was able to scan pictures in for this post. Didn't have it working for the previous birthday posts! Be prepared Tim, your birthday is coming up soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom! Very neat pictures! Thanks for coming last night, looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Sush said...

@Steve...all my pleasure and the evening was a delight!!xoxo Mom