Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Heart of the Home

Mothers have a role in life that compares to no other. We have a responsibility that sometimes used to chafe my soul.  Why does the female in the house get saddled with this job? We have the responsibility for the Heart of The Home...its happiness and serenity.

After many years living and learning to be a Mother and all it entails I was able to embrace the responsibility. I now view this as an empowerment. When we are content in our world i.e., our homes, the energy transfers to all who reside there. When we are unhappy, angry or sad, that energy transfers and multiplies. I don't know why it is that way. But the old saying 'A Mother Is The Heart of A Home', puts it all in context.

Unfortunately, I must own up to not always being the best Heart of The Home. I have my off days, gosh sometimes it seems like I have my off weeks. Eventually though, I feel something off,  perhaps a general unease in the home and realize that its origin is from me. I work hard at keeping that fact ever present in my thoughts and when I am made aware that I haven't succeded in my efforts, shift gears and work on creating a happier me, thus a happier home.

Harmony in a home is essential. When it isn't present life can be one continuous headache. No, really,  it can make for one continuous heartache.  So, I will do my best to center my thoughts on achieving family harmony...put sunshine in our lives. I think that is what Mother's Day should be about...celebrating harmony and our power to create happy homes!

Happy Mothers Day everyone...and my wish is for love, harmony and peace today and every day in your home as well as my own.

And Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. I miss you and cherish the days spent in your home. And thank you for teaching me to be aware of how important my role as Mother and Heart of the Home is. Always and forever.

Loves, Loves, Loves


elise MIGNON hoffman said...

You are a wonderful heart of the home, Mom. I love you, happy mothers day!

Sush said...

@Elise...You are my you forever...xoxox

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww Loves, Loves, Loves
Ant Lee