Thursday, May 27, 2010

A word of appreciation...and Birthday Wishes

My sister-in-law is long over due a word of appreciation. That said, I will now put quite a few words of appreciation in this posting.
Mary Cynthia met my brother when they were very young. I won't go into specifics but lets just say she has been a part of this family for a very long time. In that time, a lovely young girl, an only child, was thrown in with a wild and crazy very large family. 
Did I mention the fact that my brother is the only boy in a family of six children? Yes, so that would be five sisters she got to meet and try to figure out. And we can be a handful...,or so I've been told.
 And did I mention that she is the mother of twins? Two beautiful teenagers! 
With all this, Mary Cynthia has managed to be sure that someone in their family is present for all my sons weddings. 

 Even when Bill is tied up with work or some other activity, Mary Cynthia will represent! And she will bring my beautiful niece and handsome nephew if they are footloose and fancy free.

Doesn't have to be a wedding... Mary Cynthia made sure they were there for someone's 60th birthday celebration, Lee?

Or another sister-in-law's college graduation...I'm not sure if it was the second or third degree for Patsy this time...or if it was undergraduate or a Masters we were celebrating!
I know they try and get together with the Texas part of the family as often as possible...(even though this photograph looks suspiciously like SYC)!

And Mary Cynthia and Bill are great at hosting any family members that show up for the JDF walk...

I am late in posting a birthday greeting to this very special and wonderful family member. My computer had a breakdown, perhaps it was protesting all my pounding of the keys? Anyway, I did not forget your birthday Mary Cynthia. I have been busy getting the photos back up so thank you for being a wonderful wife, mother and most special to me, sister-in-law!
Happy belated birthday and Loves, Loves, Loves!


Anonymous said...

YES! Thanks for putting all this in words and pictures Susie! Mary Cynthia = Always loving, precious, and welcoming to the thundering herd! We love you! Lee and Jack

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Aunt Mary Cynthia!! Wonderful posting yet again Momma! The pictures really show the love!