Thursday, June 3, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To....

Honestly, I didn't pose this beautiful granddaughter for her opening appearance, but she turned and smiled on cue like I had! What a love! Lily is now crawling...she is such a cutie patootie. And this baby has a personality all her own. Doesn't her smile just light up the screen?

I am always thrilled when I am offered the opportunity to babysit my grandkids, so you can imagine how much fun we had this day. One more video to show off our cher bebe, Lily on our play date...Grammas get to go overboard. Comes with the territory and is very allowed. Or so says Sush!

This day we were blessed to have Lily in the afternoon for a while and then we went to see Trey in his Kindergarten performance. This was all the day before Elise's department graduation ceremony. Infants to Kindergarten musicals to College Graduations...I  DO LOVE MY LIFE!

By the way...this was back in May, as I mentioned before I am seriously behind in postings due to the crash and recovery process of Mac. I am working my way down the list, so patience, please.  

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