Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So it was Father's Day, perhaps I should have been prepared. After all, it wasn't Mother's Day, I should have known the shoe was going to fall...
I was sitting in the living room with my oh so sweet grandson, my first grandbaby, Trey. We were enjoying the remainder of an afternoon well spent with family. And his beautiful soft chocolate eyes are traveling around the room when his gaze stops and rests on a picture of me taken some 23+ years ago. It's the day I brought Elise home from the hospital and all her brothers are gathered around Steve, Elise and I.

Trey looks at the picture and says, "Who is that in this picture?" I say, "You mean holding the baby? It's me!" 
Trey looks at me, angelic, perceptive, observant child he is and says, "You look exactly the same now as you did then!" Oh, be still my sings, I feel lighter than air. For half a second.

The shoe falls. 

My darling, beautiful angelic, okay~ I did say perceptive...young grandson then says, "Except older."

Reality check! 
As the saying goes...'Out of the mouths of babes'!

Still wouldn't trade the day or the moment! At least he didn't add on the fact that I also now look heavier.

 I love you Trey! Always, always, always and forever!


lisa said...

Baby Lily also managed to get her picture printed on the wrapping paper!

Sush said...

@Lisa, So you have me laughing at the memory. He just had a plethora of compliments that day! But, again, out of the mouths of babes~
At least he didn't tell an Aunt his Mom was right, her kitchen DID look like Pepto Bismol Pink! That comment was delivered by his grandfather and stirred up a family ruckus, or so I was told!

Anonymous said...

well at least he didn't tell you that you had RUTS in your face... Remember Jennifer???

Sush said...

Chinese (Simplified) - English
Xuji Ting said ... knowledge can be taught , wisdom can not. Each person must be his own . .................................................. ....................
So...I am wondering if I'm the smart a** or is Trey? LOL, I used google translator to see what my chinese 'friend' had to say!