Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Timothy Richard

My Timmy, you have given me joy from day one. Even before you were born I was so excited to know you were on the way.
Christmas seemed like such a long time to wait for June. And then, before I knew it you were ready to arrive!
I knew you were going to be another boy, not that anyone told me so. We didn't do those fancy schmancy things back then. But June 9 came and you were here. (Much to your Uncle Bill's surprise, I really didn't wait for his birthday to pass, it just worked out that way). Two parents could not have been more excited. And more blessed. Once you have had the first baby you know how precious and precarious every birth and child is....
Daddy raced from Houma to get home in time for your birth. He was coming in the back door to get me as I was heading out the front door with Papa Daddy. Gramma was getting a tad tense watching me go into labor with you right before her eyes! You were not going to be waiting around for anyone. And when we got to the hospital you were born within the hour! And wide awake and alert...ready to conquer the world already! I was so thrilled to see a cotton top fuzz ball of a baby. I think I was ready to explode with happiness and joy!
Daddy was so happy when he got his chance to feed you your water bottles. 'Timmy time' for each of us was a delight. 
And then it was time to bring you home, at four weeks you were a very happy and content baby...and still wide awake and smiling. You always seemed to have two speeds: on...full throttle and off, sound asleep.
At three and 3/4 months you were all about snuggling...what a cutie! Why I do believe I see a little of Miss Lily in this picture!
At three and a half months you were a cute blonde fuzz ball with a smile that won everyone's heart!

Your older brother was so thrilled to have a playmate. We hit the jackpot when we put the two of you in the same room. You two were soon to become fast friends!
You loved to climb out of your bed and snuggle in with Steve when you were old enough!
And then it was time for your Christening. July 27, 1977. Aunt Lee was your Godmother and Uncle Gene was your Godfather. Father Screen baptized you in the gown your Grandfather wore as an infant. Grams didn't realize all of my children would be Christened in that gown, but she sure was proud when you wore it.
And then you were going to be three and all you wanted was a carousel birthday party. You loved the idea of it, but when it was time for you to actually ride the carousel, you wouldn't get on unless I rode it with you. So I sat on the concrete tube around the center pole while you and your friends rode around and around...and around and around. I thought I was going to be ill before you were ready to climb off!
And I made you a carousel cake and we had a circus theme loved that party and I loved how happy you were.
Time to make a wish!
 We had lots of fun in the back yard...Scott had arrived by this time and he was crawling but you stopped long enough for me to get this happy smile. I can't get enough of your happy smile. Lily does that to me both have very contagious smiles! I think Lily even crinkles her nose like you!
Moving along, I know you want to finish up here, but indulge me on your's your kindergarten graduation with the certificate to prove it!
Daniel had come along and you were always ready to make him smile...
Some things never change...
You had lots of fun at the Egret Street house. New Orleans was a happy place to be. Daddy was always fun to cuddle and play with...
Sometimes a quick tackle was in order...lookout Daddy!
And you always were a man who loved his wheels...
That was a fun Christmas...I think it was an underoo Christmas...Mom loved her share of hugs and loving too..
Never one to slow were always about moving...On your marks...get set...GO!
And then it was the summer we were moving to the land of plenty...and promises for a wonderful future. I wonder if that bubble gum was from your birthday cake. You liked the Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes with bubble gum inside!
When you moved to your new state you left behind lots of cousins. While Daddy and I were finding a house for us to live in, you stayed with Sam, Anne and Sarah. I think that is when you started on a real trend...
Hmmm, Tim again in High and your gang! I think you all were supposed to be a Dunkin Dougnut commercial during Homecoming week. This was some sort of spirit thing, all I know is several of my dresses and some of my jewelry made it in this picture! I wonder how the congregation of one of the pool sharks would enjoy this picture of him way back when? You all were lots of fun, but I think you were not the most attractive of women here!

But I got ahead of grammer school you won the award in fifth grade for Most Likely to Succeed...I knew she had that right on the money!
And along with the move to our new home we had a new arrival...a baby sister! Lily can thank Aunt Elise for giving you practice on babies!
Even though we lived elsewhere we went back to New Orleans for visits...and Mom and Dad always tried our best to keep the LSU blood alive in your veins!
High School came and with it wrestling...I always hated how you all wore yourselves out and starved to make weight...
But it made you fast on  your feet for football and baseball! What's a Mother to do?

It was getting time for you to graduate from High School...where would you go to college, Tim? That was a big decision...for a very short time...
 O! M! G! one time with that hat on your head and you knew it was too traumatic! Not going to happen...And finally high school graduation day came.
 You were so ready to be off and going to NCSU! And Coach O'Cain and the Wolfpack taught your entire family a different way to watch football. We were always checking the sidelines to see where the famous Assistant Tim was. Perhaps if the coach had listened to you he would still be coaching at NCSU?
And you graduated from that fine institution and moved on to start your career. Life was good for the single man. Then one day on a car ride back from visiting family in New Orleans you told me you had met someone, someone you thought was going to be very special in your life. And she was and is and always will be. It was the beginning of Tim and Lisa...
You were a beautiful bride and was a lovely wedding!
You have a wonderful way of making everyone around you smile. You give Daddy and I so much to be thankful and happy for. Love comes shining out from you.
And you and Lisa have given us the most precious gift...our very first granddaughter. Lily, the most beautiful flower child! You are such a fantastic father. You can see it in Lily's eyes when she lights up and gives you her most special smile!
So Scott and I agree, it's high five all around 
and Happy Birthday to our one in a million guy, you make me dance with joy and love!
Love you forever...Mom


lisa said...

I had not seen any of those baby pictures before...loved them!

I might say your carousel cake was quite impressive!! Lily might need one of those for her third birthday!

Laura Hoffman said...

Happy Birthday, Tim!!! Great post, Susie!

I was going to say the exact same thing as Lisa...the carousel cake is awesome! Can we have another remake of this??! ;)

elise MIGNON hoffman said...

LOVED the post Momma, bring on the carousel cake!!! Maybe we can do a cake making workshop at the beach!! :)Happy Birthday Timmy!!

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday Tim. We love you and your beautiful family.

Aunt Patsy

Anonymous said...

What a great godson! What a fun kid! What a fun guy! What a blessing to everyone! So proud to be your Aunt. Big Birthday Hugs, "Ant" Lee and Uncle Jack

Anonymous said...

Toatly Timmy! Totaly! xoxo Aunt Lee