Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Tru Dat Story of Bubba Bill on his Birfday

I am now gonna tell da Fa Tru and My Hand ta Gawd tale of Bubba Bill. He was brawt ta da Naw L'ns from a tropical island. Dey wuz a crazy tribe, led by da Queen Deetrowit an da King Seersuckerstrawhat.

Quickly he lernt da way of da tribe. Dey trained him at an erly age to luv da music of da city. Advancd frum da organ grinda to da banjo...

Gawd dowez peoples luvd da bubba...dowez gram maws luvd da bebe boy
Dat Mutha knowed he be da bomb!
Dat Fatha knowd da boy was his hawt! Lernt him da way of da wada!
Dat boy he growd...he lernt frum da erly age ta be a lawya! Dat Mutha tawt him wat wuz wat!
And den he dun grajuated! He dun fine...an dem mutha and dem fatha luvd dat boy fa tru!
Dat boy he spent hiz time walkin down dem weddin rowz, ya knwz dat tribe had too many girlz. Da sistas luvd dat bubba!
He grwd and walkd dat mutha:
an den he hugged dat sistah:
and dat was da last sista he had ta walk da mutha down da isle foh...and he danced wit da mutha fa sho! Dem bubbas kno how ta Fais Do Do!
and den doz dang sistahs had bebes of dem own and he wuz bak at dem dang weddins'

an he wuz trainin' his boy in da way of da tribe...dat yungun is gonna kno da waz of da weddin!
Doz bubba's dey love dem fatha's..

And now da bubba be a growd man and has him a fine tribe of dey own
And doz fatha's dey shows da salut and pass it frum fatha to bubba...
da bubba got da salut...

So der's da Tru Dat Story of Bubba Bill...an frum da looks of dis last look at da bubba he still be doin his fatha fa tru prwd and all dem rest of da tribe...

Happy Birthday Bubba...I love you betta den any otha of my bruthas! Fa Tru, Dawlin' hawt!


Patsy said...

Happy Birthday brother Bill. Thanks for having a good sense of humor about 5older sisters.

Anonymous said...

"What Patsy said"
Yes, your sense of humor is one of your endearing qualities! Love you Guillaume. And has anyone noticed, the man can grow some hair on his face now, fo' sure... Happy Birthday to my Baby Bubba. Love, Ree
(when you were very young, you were like a little oriental baby who couldn't pronounce your "L's" and for a whole year I was Ree. You also told Santa something funny mixing up your "tr" and "fr" consonants, but we'll save that story for another time...)